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Trofeo Adriatico

02 - 04 April 2021
, Rimini
A well-earned success
International youth football tournament in Rimini, Italy: Trofeo Adriatico
Participating countries: 
Austria Serbia Belgium Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Italy Netherlands Switzerland

For the past twenty years, the tournaments held in Rimini have served as a meeting point for teams all over Europe: from Sweden to Sicily and France to Romania. Each year, hundreds of teams take part in these classic events on the Adriatic coast. This success has not come unearned: the organisers have made sure of it by putting on an excellent tournament for its guests year in, year out. 

For teams looking to take part in an international competition in a popular seaside town, there is no better option than the Trofeo Adriatico in Rimini, Italy, which is held over Easter. Each year, more than 300 teams from 7-10 countries sign up to take part. This makes Trofeo Adriatico unique.

Age Categories: 
U09, U10, U11, U12, U13, U13 AB, U15 AB, U16, U17 AB, U19
A.S.D. Tropical Coriano
First edition: 
Afternoon /
Arrival: check-in with welcome address and information by the Euro-Sportring team of Barbara Buratti at Romeo Neri stadium, the home ground of Rimini Football Club. You will be informed in person about your stay and the tournament.
Evening /
Team leader meeting: welcome reception arranged by the organisers for the team leaders.
Daytime /
Start of the match programme. The tournament will be held at various locations around Rimini. The matches will be officiated by referees from FIGC SGS Emilia Romagna.
Evening /
Welcome ceremony in Romeo Neri stadium with music, a show and a parade.
Daytime /
Continuation of the match programme. Preliminary and interim rounds.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips.
Daytime /
Qualification matches and finals followed by the prize-giving ceremony in Romeo Neri stadium.
Afternoon /
UEFA Respect ceremony: every participant receives a medal on the podium.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips.

The Trofeo Adriatico is a joint project of A.S.D. Tropical Coriano and Euro-Sportring. The regional football association, FIGC SGS Emilia Romagna, supplies the referees.

Trofeo Adriatico takes place at a number of locations between Rimini and Riccione and at the Tropical Coriano Sports Park. Each park has 2-4 pitches. The finals take place in Coriano and at the Stadio Romeo Neri, home ground of the AC Rimini professional club.


Rimini (130,000 residents) is the largest Italian resort on the Adriatic coast. The city has two different faces. In the western part of the city is the old centre with Roman monuments, such as the Arch of Augustus, the Tiberius bridge and the medieval castle of Malatesta. In the eastern part, you will find the attractive new city with 15 kilometres of beautiful beaches and a variety of entertainment. Along the Lungomare (boulevard) are numerous little bars, discos and open air venues. Just behind the boulevard is the most famous shopping street, the Viale Vespucci.

San Marino

20 kilometres inwards from Rimini is the small state of San Marino, close to the Alps. The capital is also called San Marino. In this city you'll find three castles, but the centre is also popular for its many shops, bars, pizzerias and restaurants.

Mirabilandia Amusement Park

Mirabilandia amusement park is 25 kilometres from Rimini. The beautiful green park boasts many attractions, spread across seven areas. Each area has its own small shops, restaurants and ice cream cafes. At Mirabilandia you only have to pay a single entry price for all attractions. There are several rollercoasters, a log flume and a range of shows. A great day out for all the family. Please note: only suitable for a full day excursion.