Women football tournaments

The high degree of publicity worldwide for the Women's Football World Cup in 2019 has greatly increased interest in playing football among women. Football hasn't been just for men for a long time. The World Cup made clear that enthusiasm for football is greater among women and girls than ever before. Partly as a result of this development, there has also been an increase in the number of international women's football tournaments. And what could be more fun than taking part in one of the many football tournaments organised by Euro-Sportring for women and girls with your team? That means sport and a fun weekend in one.

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Brabant Girls Cup

30 - 31 May 2025
Rosmalen - Netherlands
G13, G15, G17, Women (W-O)

Girls Cup Maastricht

07 - 08 June 2025
Maastricht - Netherlands
G13, G15, G17, Women (W-O)

Amsterdam Tournament

07 - 08 June 2025
Abcoude - Netherlands
Men (M-O), Men (M-O/7), Veterans (M35/7), Women (W-O/7)

Women's football tournaments 2024

Check out our calendar of international women's football tournaments in 2024 to see at a glance which tournaments also offer women's and girls' football teams the opportunity to participate. A women's football tournament is the ideal opportunity to test your skills against foreign opposition. It is not just a fun excursion but also a sporting challenge. Moreover, at one of our women's football tournaments you’ll meet teams from other European countries.


The organisation of a women's football tournament


In sporting terms, our women's football tournaments are all very well organised.

  • Registration for all our women's football tournaments is open to all. So every ladies football team is welcome. Thanks to a carefully planned match programme, every international women's tournament represents an exciting and sporting adventure.
  • The local clubs make every effort to ensure an ideal atmosphere and good organisation during our international women's and girls' football tournaments. The organisers have beautiful sport parks at their disposal, complete with good facilities and a pleasant ambiance.
  • Matches are officiated by experienced and objective officials supported by experienced competition management.

If you take part in one of our women's football tournaments, there is naturally also time for fun and relaxation. Both the tournament opening and closing are marked with splendid ceremonies. There are opportunities to party and meet as well as markets where you can find all the football-related merchandise your heart desires.The exact content of activities during each tournament naturally also depends on the amenities available in the surrounding area. You can get a good idea of what to expect from each individual women's football tournament by reading through the different tournament descriptions on our website. 


International women’s football tournaments 2024

From east to west and from the fresh north to the sunny south, Euro-Sportring organises women's football tournaments all over Europe. Apart from arranging the sporting side, we also take care of your entire team's stay:

  • We offer accommodation ranging from schools and youth accommodation to luxury holiday bungalows and hotels.There is an accommodation option for every budget.
  • There’s no need to go out for expensive meals with your entire ladies’ team every day because our packages are usually based on half board.
  • An Euro-Sportring member of staff will be on hand to provide you and your team with advice and support.

Euro-Sportring works on a non-profit basis. Our organisation is efficient, which makes it possible for us to offer accommodation packages from just € 80. These football excursions are therefore accessible to every member of your team.


Euro-Sportring stands for professionalism

Women’s football has pushed back the boundaries considerably over the past decade, which has led to a big increase in publicity. If your women's football team literally wants to push back the boundaries, take part in one of the women's football tournaments organised by Euro-Sportring. With more than 60 years of experience in organising international football tournaments, we leave nothing to chance and provide an unforgettable football experience.