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Rattenfänger Trophy

27 - 28 May 2023
, Hameln
The Pied Piper of Hameln
International youth football tournament Hameln Germany: Rattenfänger Trophy
Participating countries: 
Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Germany Netherlands Poland

If you are looking for a fun tournament in a picturesque setting, look no further than Hamelin. The town is known for the folk tale made popular by the Brothers Grimm about the eponymous Pied Piper. This tale becomes reality during the opening ceremony of the Rattenfänger Trophy (or ‘rat catcher’). The hero of Hamelin walks by the grandstand of Weserberglandstadion, blowing his pipe for effect. The stadium is also where the finals are held on Sunday morning. The well-attended stands are guaranteed to create a festive, exciting atmosphere.

Age Categories: 
U09, U11, U12, U13, U15, U17
SG Hameln 74, TSV Klein Berkel-Wangelist , ESV Eintracht
First edition: 
Afternoon /
Arrival and welcome in the clubhouse of SG Hameln
Evening /
Team leader meeting in the clubhouse of SG Hameln
Daytime /
Start group matches
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips
Daytime /
Qualification matches and finals followed by the prize-giving ceremony
Afternoon /
UEFA Respect ceremony: every participant receives a medal on the podium.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips

The organiser of this international youth football tournament is SG Hameln’74, founded in 1974 and which now has about 500 members. SG Hameln'74 has 12 football teams of which 8 are youth teams. Apart from football there are also gymnastics, table-tennis, volleyball and badminton sections.


The club SG Hameln organises this international youth football tournament at three venues located around the historical city centre. The venues are within approx. 6 kilometres from each other. One of the locations is the modestly sized Weserbergland stadium with two grass pitches, stands, changing rooms and stalls for snacks and drinks. The other two locations also each have two pitches and a local club as host. Each location has a clubhouse with canteen and changing rooms at all locations together with extra facilities for food and drinks.


Hamelin is located in the Weser Uplands between Hanover and Bielefeld. The surroundings are especially cherished by locals due to the beautiful landscape and authentic medieval towns (such as Hamelin itself). With 60,000 residents, Hamelin has been the cultural and tourist centre of the Uplands for centuries. The charming town centre is home to vibrant shopping streets and terraces, making a visit feel like a vacation.