Senior football tournaments

The terrace is packed and the BBQ is working overtime! With 1000 members, every weekend is a busy weekend at this club. And you can add to that another 1000 international footballers who are also present this weekend. A busy but above all enjoyable event at which the top prize is keenly contested. That gives you a good impression of the atmosphere at one of our international Adult and veterans football tournaments.

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Sirene Cup II

03 June 2023
Oostende - Belgium
Men (M-O), Men (M-O/7), Veterans (M35/7)

Adult football tournaments 2023

Take a look at our calendar of international football tournaments for Adult players and veterans (35+) in 2023. Many football tournaments focus on youth, but we also organise a number of tournaments for Adult players and veterans. Nothing is more inspiring than playing football against teams from other countries and meeting opponents who have the same passion for football as you and your teammates.


Adult football tournaments 2023


If you take part in one of our Adult football tournaments, you’ll find that in sporting terms the organisers have thought of everything.

  • In order to prevent too great a discrepancy in the standard of play and to ensure that each team faces an appropriate sporting challenge, where necessary distinctions are made by age category and by the size of the pitch. So we offer tournaments for seniors and veterans who want to play 11 vs. 11, but also 7-a-side tournaments.
  • You and your team will only play at good venues boasting the best sports facilities. This promotes the quality of the football.
  • The matches are officiated by experienced referees who make sure matches are played in a sporting atmosphere. The tournament management is also conducted by professionals. All tournament rules and regulations have been approved by a national or international football association.


International Adult football and more

Alongside the competitive element, our international Adult football tournaments are all about fun and relaxation. At some tournaments additional activities are organised, such as a barbecue or a party night, but this depends on the extent to which nightlife and other amenities are available in the specific tournament region. You can see what to expect in the descriptions of each football tournament for Adult and veterans.


International Adult football tournaments 2023

Once again, there are a number of international Adult football tournaments to choose from in 2023. From Cologne to Lloret de Mar and from Munich to Amsterdam, football is the most popular sport and there are lots of people who love playing it. It's great to share that love of the game with each other at an international senior football tournament. Apart from the sports facilities, we also arrange:

  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Day-to-day support

As a non-profit organisation with a focus on efficiency, Euro-Sportring can offer accommodation packages from just € 90 per person for a stay of 2 to 3 nights including breakfast.

Euro-Sportring has extensive experience

Euro-Sportring began organising international Adult and youth football tournaments more than 60 years ago. All those years represent a great deal of expertise, which enable us to organise football tournaments in no fewer than 13 countries throughout Europe. Every year, some 8,000 teams from 30 different countries take part in our international football tournaments. And if you take part with your team, you’ll soon realise that we leave nothing to chance in terms of organisation.