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Lloret Cup

11 - 12 May 2018
, Blanes - Lloret de Mar
Sun, Sea, and Football on the Costa Brava
International football tournament Barcelona Spain, Lloret Cup
Participating countries: 
Belgium France Italy Netherlands Spain

There is no region in the world where as many foreign teams visit each year as to the Costa Brava, the popular coast north of Barcelona. The combination of an international sporting competition and the many tourist attractions, especially in Lloret de Mar, draws in teams from across Europe. It is no surprise, then, that the Lloret Cup has an impressive international field of participants each year. With a history spanning almost 20 years, the Lloret Cup has acquired a permanent place on the calendar of the Catalan Football Federation. The tournament takes place in and around Lloret de Mar. The program is simple: during and after the football games, the participants can meet in Moby's Pub Disco in the centre, the venue for both the players and fans. And since you will be in the neighbourhood, you cannot avoid paying a visit to Barcelona’s mighty Camp Nou. Benvingut a Lloret de Mar! (Welcome to Lloret de Mar!)

Age Categories: 
Men (M-O), Men (M-O/7), Veterans (M35), Veterans (M35/7), M40/7
CF Tordera
First edition: 
Afternoon /
Arrival in Blanes, check-in
Evening /
Meet & Greet in a bar in Lloret de Mar
During the day /
Tournament: Group matches at Top Ten sportspark including a Barbecue for all participants
Evening /
Evening programme: Leisure time
During the day /
Tournament: Semi-finals and finals
Afternoon /
Prize-giving ceremony

The Lloret Cup is organised by Club Futbol de Tordera. This club was founded in 1914 and is, with about five hundred members, one of the larger clubs in Catalonia. The club has 12 youth teams and 2 senior teams. The first team plays in the first regional division of Catalonia.

Costa Brava/Costa Maresme
FC Barcelona, Camp Nou Stadium