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Wroclaw Trophy

03 - 05 Juillet 2021
, Wrocław
An international hit!
International youth football tournament Wroclaw, Poland: Wroclaw Trophy
Pays participants: 
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Netherlands Poland Scotland Hungary Romania Slovakia Sweden Ukraine

Around 200 teams from nearly 20 countries: in Wroclaw, EURO 2012 never ended! It just went down to a younger age group. And that move was a success, because the Wroclaw Trophy has grown to become the biggest tournament in central Europe within the space of a few years. Teams from the Baltic States to the Balkans and from England to the Ukraine meet at the Wroclaw Trophy. The hospitable city offers a warm welcome to young people from all over Europe with a festive opening ceremony on the magnificent market square. 6 matches in 3 days on the pitches of the Olympic sports centre – if you want to go home with the Cup, you'll really have to fight for it!

Catégories d'âge: 
G11, G13, G15, U08, U09, U10, U11 (U11 - U10), U12, U13 (U13-U12), U14, U15 (U15-U14), U17 (U17-U16), U19 (U19-U17)
Dolnośląski Związek Piłki Nożnej, Miasto Wrocław, Urząd Marszałkowski woj. Dolnośląskiego, AWF Wrocław, MCS Wrocław oraz MKS Parasol Wrocław.
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The Wroclaw Trophy takes place at two sports venues situated 2-4 kilometres east of the city centre. The main location is the Olympic Sports Park, which offers 10 fine pitches and a range of facilities, including a grandstand with a fine view of all football fields. The other location, in the Oławka district, features four beautiful pitches, a main ground with a grandstand and a number of other facilities. Both venues will be decorated for the occasion, with several festive kiosks for snacks and drinks and a nice terrace.





Wrocław Aquapark:
Wrocław’s Aquapark is a multi-functional sports and leisure centre with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water slides and bubblebaths, a spa centre and a gym. The Aquapark also has a range of restaurants, cafes and a bistro.

Wroclaw Football Stadium:
The wonderful Wroclaw football stadium, with a capacity of 44,300, was specially built for the 2012 European Championships. 3 matches were played there. If you wish to take a look at this stadium, you can let the tournament organisation team know - they'll then organise a tour for you.