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Wroclaw Trophy

03 - 05 Luglio 2021
, Wrocław
An international hit!
Paesi participanti: 
Croatia Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Netherlands Poland Scotland Hungary Romania Slovakia Sweden Ukraine

Around 200 teams from nearly 20 countries: in Wroclaw, EURO 2012 never ended! It just went down to a younger age group. And that move was a success, because the Wroclaw Trophy has grown to become the biggest tournament in central Europe within the space of a few years. Teams from the Baltic States to the Balkans and from England to the Ukraine meet at the Wroclaw Trophy. The hospitable city offers a warm welcome to young people from all over Europe with a festive opening ceremony on the magnificent market square. 6 matches in 3 days on the pitches of the Olympic sports centre – if you want to go home with the Cup, you'll really have to fight for it!

Pulcini Femm. (G11), Esordienti Femm. (G13), Giovanissimi Femm. (G15), Primi Calci (U08), Primi Calci (U09), Pulcini (U10), Pulcini (U11), Esordienti (U12), Esordienti (U13), Giovanissimi (U14), Giovanissimi (U15), Allievi (U17), Juniores (U19)
Organizzato da: 
Dolnośląski Związek Piłki Nożnej, Miasto Wrocław, Urząd Marszałkowski woj. Dolnośląskiego, AWF Wrocław, MCS Wrocław oraz MKS Parasol Wrocław.
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The Wrocław Trophy is organised by MKS Parasol Wrocław and DolZPN. This club was founded in 1982 and has approximately 400 members. For this tournament, the club shall receive support from the city of Wrocław, the Lower Silesian football association and the Sport Academy. 

The Wroclaw Trophy takes place at two sports venues situated 2-4 kilometres east of the city centre. The main location is the Olympic Sports Park, which offers 10 fine pitches and a range of facilities, including a grandstand with a fine view of all football fields. The other location, in the Oławka district, features four beautiful pitches, a main ground with a grandstand and a number of other facilities. Both venues will be decorated for the occasion, with several festive kiosks for snacks and drinks and a nice terrace.


Wroclaw (664,000 inhabitants) is situated in the south-west of Poland, near the German and Czech borders. In 2016, the city was the European Capital of Culture and attracted many visitors who came to enjoy the picturesque market square in the old town, the city hall and the splendid fountains in the park and the gardens on the banks of the Oder. An unsuspecting tourist might have no idea of Wroclaw’s turbulent history, with the city changing hands between Poland, Prussia, Germany and Hungary in former times. And why would they? There’s so much to enjoy in the lively streets of the beautiful centre, including the countless shops and cafes of the wonderful market square.


Wrocław Aquapark:
Wrocław’s Aquapark is a multi-functional sports and leisure centre with indoor and outdoor swimming pools, water slides and bubblebaths, a spa centre and a gym. The Aquapark also has a range of restaurants, cafes and a bistro.

Wroclaw Football Stadium:
The wonderful Wroclaw football stadium, with a capacity of 44,300, was specially built for the 2012 European Championships. 3 matches were played there. If you wish to take a look at this stadium, you can let the tournament organisation team know - they'll then organise a tour for you.