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Aalborg City Cup

26 - 28 Mai 2022
, Aalborg
5-star competition
Pays participants: 
Denmark Germany Netherlands Poland Norway Sweden

Looking for a tournament with a great mix of nationalities? Then the Aalborg City Cup is the one for you. The preliminary rounds offer a fantastic international selection, so you really are assured of an international competition. With this ace up their sleeves, the organisers are well placed to get their tournament to the top of the rankings. But to properly organise a tournament with 300 teams and 1,000 matches in 3 days you need lots of volunteers and, above all, top facilities. Fortunately, the organisers score top marks for both.

Catégories d'âge: 
G11, G13, G15, G18, U09, U10, U11 (U11 - U10), U12, U13 (U13-U12), U14, U15 (U15-U14), U16, U17 (U17-U16)
Aalborg Freja
Première édition: 

The Aalborg City Cup is organised by IK Aalborg Freja in collaboration with the regional football association, the city and the Aalborg centre business club.

The Aalborg City Cup tournament is played at the Aalborg Freja sports park. It boasts 16 outstanding pitches, a spacious club house with changing rooms, a canteen and a bar.

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IK Freja's sports park is located by the fjord a few kilometres from the city centre and near the NordjyskeArena, home to Superliga club AaB. Aalborg (130,000 inhabitants) is the biggest city in North Jutland. The port and university attract many visitors. Because of the lively city centre, with various shopping streets and lots of restaurants and pubs, the university city is known as ‘the little Paris of the North’.





Schools Aalborg City Cup

During the Aalborg City Cup several modern schools and gymnasiums situated in Aalborg or in de suburbs are used. The average distance to the city centre is approximately 6 kilometres.

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