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Polders Trophy

06 - 07 Maj 2016
, Gistel
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International youth football tournament Gistel Belgium: Polders Trophy
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Sports Park De Kegge serves as the venue for the Polders Trophy, a international youth football tournament that stands out for  its relaxed atmosphere and professional allure. The tournament organisers are highly motivated and apply the same drive to everything they do – whether it is the competition itself, the famous and amazing musical opening to the tournament, the attention to detail in meals or the closing party, the enthusiasm is palpable! It is also quite infectious, inviting all the teams at this international youth football tournament to have a wonderfully sporty and relaxed weekend.

Age Categories: 
Orlik (U11), Młodzik (U13), Trampkarz (U15), Junior młodszy (U17)
KEG Gistel
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