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Kempen Trophy

07 - 08 Czerwiec 2025
, Lommel & Neerpelt
Pure hospitality
International youth football tournament Lommel Belgium: Kempen Trophy
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Teams who are looking for a international youth football tournament in a pleasant environment and with numerous sport activities will feel at home at the Kempen Trophy. At the fine sports park on the outskirts of Lommel in the Campine region, an extensive programme is offered including Penalty Cup and Speedshot. The active team leaders also get the chance to take part in their own match. And if you fancy a look around outside the sports park, insiders will tell you that Lommel has a pleasant and attractive town centre. This international youth football tournament in Lommel: pure hospitality!

Age Categories: 
Orlik (U11), Młodzik (U12), Młodzik (U13), Trampkarz (U15), Junior młodszy (U17), Junior (U19)
KFC Kattenbos Sport & FC Esperanza Pelt
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The organizer of this international youth football tournament is KFC Kattenbos Sport, the club was founded in 1936 and in 1940 they became a member of the Royal Belgium Soccer Federation, K.B.V.B. or U.R.B.S.F.A. At this moment they have over 350 members and 16 youth teams in the soccer league. Their first team plays as they call it in Belgium in the '3e Provinciale' competition. Together with the town of Lommel and all volunteers of KFC Kattenbos Sport, the organisers will make also this editon of the Kempen Trophy an event you will never forget.

The Kempen Trophy takes place at two locations around Lommel: in the Kattenbos district and in Neerpelt. The KFC Kattenbos Sport grounds are hidden in a forest and features four pitches (main pitch with grandstand) and a cosy clubhouse with a terrace. The FC Esperanza Pelt sports park in Neerpelt has five pitches with an impressive grandstand on the main pitch. Plus, a nice clubhouse with a large canteen.

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Lommel (33,000 inhabitants) is nestled in rural surroundings near the border of the Netherlands and just 20 kilometres from Eindhoven. The city is surrounded by natural and recreational areas which are highly popular among tourists. A social atmosphere and entertainment can be found in the centre, near the impressive Church of Saint-Peter-in-Chains. The city has plenty of restaurants, hotels and shops to choose from. The tournament is held a few kilometres outside of the centre. 


Swimming pool - Lago Dommelslag

Need to burn a bit more energy after playing football? Then why not go for a swim at the swimming pool Lago Dommelslag in Overpelt? It’s only 10 kilometres from Hamont. Enjoy hours of fun in the wave pool, rushing down the slide and navigating the white-water course. The latter ride is like being swept down a mighty tropical river. Hold on tight, as you spin and swing around from left to right. A little tired after all that? Then why not go and chill out in the sauna, the hot tub or the steam room? After that, you’ll be all set to go again!

Schools Kempen Trophy

The Lommel Trophy offers  two school accommodations. Both accommodations are located in the popular natural area around Lommel only two kilometers from the friendly center. Most teams stay at the SBSO Helix school, which is located next to a public swimming pool and within walking distance of the 'Lommelse Sahara' recreational lake. The other accommodation is a furnished group accommodation for 6 to 7 teams with a common indoor area. Both accommodations offer a lot of outdoor space for sports and games.

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Oostappen Vakantiepark Blauwe Meer
Holiday resort

Sporty young guests will be challenged with some tough choices here: a swim in the brand new swimming paradise with its exhilarating slide and wide range of water attractions, kicking a ball on the football field, or visiting the beach at Blauwe Meer. And of course there’s also the international football for the cup! Although Vakantiepark Blauwe Meer, near Lommel, may not be the most luxurious of resorts, it more than makes up for that in the form of sheer holiday pleasure.

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Europarcs Zilverstrand

EuroParcs is a provider of high-end holiday resorts. EuroParcs resorts offer attractive parks with many amenities in beautiful rural locations. Park Zilverstrand in Mol is rated with an 8.1/10 by guests.    

The EuroParcs Resort Zilverstrand in Mol is located in Kempen, a popular region with woods and heathland in northern Belgium. The area around Mol is known for its various lakes and sandy beaches. One of these beaches is Zilverstrand. Besides the natural beauty in the area, the provincial town of Mol itself offers a cosy centre.

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Podane ceny są cenami "od" i są uzależnione od dostępności pokoi. Wszystkie informacje w tym cenniku opierają się na cenach wraz podatkami, które są znane w dniu 1 lipca każdego roku. Euro-Sportring zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany cen w przypadku wzrostu kosztów i/lub podatków w okresie trwania sezonu. Te ceny sa ustalone i nienegocjowalne. Oprócz kosztów uczestnictwa za osobę, pobierana będzie opłata wpisowa w wysokości 650 PLN  za zespół. Obowiązkowa składka w wysokości 235 PLN za rezerwację obowiązuje również ze względu na udział Stichting Euro-Sportring w SGRZ.