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Hamburg City Cup

28 - 29 Červen 2025
, Hamburg
Hamburg: a great place to play football
International senior football tournament Hamburg Germany: Hamburg City Cup
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Great atmosphere in Hamburg during this international senior football tournament. Anyone asked about Hamburg might mention the Reeperbahn and the port. However, if you are a football fan, you could also add the HSV sports club and the St. Pauli quarter of the city. Hamburg is a real football city, which also makes it an ideal venue for the international senior football tournament, at which 30 senior teams enter into battle against each other in a sports park in East Hamburg. The great atmosphere is a real asset at the sports facilities and in the city alike, which you can reach by tram in just 10 minutes. The bustling night life of Hamburg carries on into the small hours. 

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mladší přípravka (U09), starší přípravka (U11), mladší žáci (U12), mladší žáci (U13), starší žáci (U15), mladší dorostenci (U17)
SC Victoria Hamburg
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The Hamburg City Cup is organised by MSV Hamburg. The club was founded in 1974 and has 1000 members. The club has their sportpark in the eastern suburb of Hamburg.

Sports facilities

The tournament takes place close to the center of Hamburg at the sports complex of SC Victoria 1895 e.V. including the Hoheluft stadium, the pride of SC Victoria. More details about this stadium can be found here

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Hamburg (1,750,000 inhabitants) is the second city of Germany. In spite of the large number of residents, the centre is very compact and easy to walk through. In addition, with the Hamburg card you travel in all directions with the S- and U-bahn every 10 minutes. 

Hamburger SV Stadium Tour

HSV is one of the most famous football clubs in Germany. Of course, any true football fan will want to visit the stadium for a guided tour. The stadium is approximately 7 kilometres from the tournament venue and around 10 kilometres from the city centre.

DJH Hamburg Horner Renbahn
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A&O Hamburg Hauptbahnhof

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