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Verler Handball Cup

27 - 28 Maj 2023
, Verl
An international tournament is fitting for a club like this
International handball tournament Verl Germany: Verler Handball Cup
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Multisport club TV Verl celebrated its centenary in 2012. The club is still buzzing with energy and several of its teams play at a high level in the German handball league. Moreover, the club regularly plays host to national teams and multiple German champions TBV Lemgo. So it is fitting that the club should host an international handball tournament. TV Verl has the perfect venue for an event like this right in the charming centre of Verl: a modern sports complex with three halls and stands big enough for a thousand spectators. A modern school centre beside the sports complex provides accommodation for the guests, which means there is no need to use the car. Add in the festive programme and the enthusiasm of the organisers and it is clear why every year so many familiar faces from the previous international handball tournament turn up for the start of another event.

Age Categories: 
Trampkarz Dziewczyny (G15), Junior młodszy Dziewczyny (G17), Junior Dziewczyny (G19), Trampkarz (U15), Junior młodszy (U17), Junior (U19)
TV Verl 1912
Ilość drużyn: 
Wydanie pierwsze: 
15:00 – 20:00 /
Przyjazd do Verl. Przywitanie uczestników oraz zameldowanie. Klasyfikacja drużyn
Przyjazd do Verl. Przywitanie uczestników oraz zameldowanie. Klasyfikacja drużyn
20:00 /
Mowa powitalna dla drużyn
Mowa powitalna dla drużyn
20:15 /
Mecz inaugurujący
Mecz inaugurujący
20:45 /
Przyjęcie kapitanów drużyn w hali sportowej. „Rozgrzewka” drużyn
Przyjęcie kapitanów drużyn w hali sportowej. „Rozgrzewka” drużyn

The Verler Handball Cup is organised by Turn Verein (TV) Verl 1912. This is a multi-sport club with a handball section. Approximately 350 members participate in 30 teams, including 22 junior teams.

The tournament will be played at one venue in Verl, the sports and school complex in the centre of Verl. There are 3 halls that are connected with one another to form a single tournament venue with modern facilities, stands, changing rooms and a kiosk for drinks and snacks.

  • School/Sportshall

Verl (25,000 residents) lies some 10 kilometres south of Bielefeld, on the outskirts of the Teutoburg forest. Participants will stay in the modern school centre next to the sports complex. Everything is within walking distance, so you can leave your car at home. Verl doesn't have a shopping centre, but it does have a cosy, rural feel dotted with the famous timber frame houses.

Verl outdoor pool

The outdoor pool is located only 500 metres from the sports centre and the schools and participants have a free entry to the pool. There are 3 heated pools, a diving tower, a beach volleyball field and a café/restaurant. There is also a grass field for handball or soccer.

School & Sporthalls Verler Handball

The school accommodation is situated in Verl close to the small town-centre and directly next to the main Verl Handball Cup centre, with its 3 tournament halls. The outdoor swimming centre is only 300 meters away.

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