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Brabant Open

19 - 20 Kwiecień 2025
, Berghem-Nistelrode-Heesch
Beautiful sports parks
International youth football tournament in the Oss region, the Netherlands: Brabant Open
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It's going to be another action-packed Easter in Brabant, with over 150 foreign teams checking in for the Brabant Open. The tournament is hosted by three clubs (from around this friendly Brabant town). Each of them offers a beautiful, festively decorated sports ground with a nice, spacious clubhouse and of course pitches like billiards tables. The Brabant Open is a real festival of football with an intensive match schedule on 5-star pitches and it's a formula with a guarantee of success. The gates will again be thrown wide open in 2020 and the organisers will be ready to offer their guests another splendid football festival.  

Age Categories: 
Młodzik Dziewczyny (G13), Trampkarz Dziewczyny (G15), Junior młodszy Dziewczyny (G17), Żak (U9), Orlik (U11), Młodzik (U12), Młodzik (U13), Trampkarz (U14), Trampkarz (U15), Junior młodszy (U16), Junior młodszy (U17)
Prinses Irene, Berghem Sport, HVCH
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The Brabant Open is a joint project of three football clubs: RKSV Prinses Irene (Nistelrode), H.V.C.H. (Heesch) and VV Berghem Sport (Oss). The clubs have a collective membership of a few thousand members and more than 100 youth teams.

The Brabant Open tournament takes place at three locations near Oss (Berghem, Heesch, Nistelrode), all within a radius of 10 kilometres. Each location offers 5-star sports grounds with a total of nearly 20 pitches. It also has excellent facilities, including a main field with a grandstand, a spacious clubhouse and special stalls for the tournament.

  • Bungalow
  • Holiday resort
  • Youth accommodation

The Brabant Open takes place around the provincial capital of Oss, 20 kilometres from Nijmegen, in Berghem (10,000 inhabitants), Heesch (13,000 inhabitants) and Nistelrode (6,000 inhabitants). The modern sport grounds are located within a radius of four kilometres in a beautiful rural area where people like to get right behind their local clubs.   

Den Bosch

In 's-Hertogenbosch (Den Bosch) there is an incredible array of things to do and experience. For real culture vultures there are museums, boat trips and town tours. Shop-a-holics can really let loose in the various shopping streets, and there are also many cosy restaurants and bars. Don't forget to try the local speciality, the Bossche bol, a large cream profiterole in a chocolate shell. Den Bosch is located approximately 15 kilometres from Oss.

Oss Wave Pool

Oss wave pool is a large covered swimming and wave pool in the centre of Oss. The pool has 3 different water slides, ranging from 6 to 100 metres, and the 'kamikaze slide'. There is also a pool bar and a small restaurant. 

Oostappen Vakantiepark Prinsenmeer
Holiday resort

At the Prinsenmeer holiday park, children are king! Swimming pools, water slides, climbing frames, billiards, pizza and pancakes- Prinsenmeer is a real holiday paradise. But parents and supervisors will also enjoy themselves here in the cosy café-bar and restaurants.

Holiday fun all year round- Prinsenmeer is the largest park in the Netherlands for a good reason.

The park is situated in a green rural environment 20km from Eindhoven.

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Youth accommodation

Groepsaccommodatie Zonnewende (group accommodation) is a well-known name at Euro-Sportring: they have been cooperating since the 70s. Happy guests year in, year out - you’re always welcome at Zonnewende. The accommodation is situated in the woods near Sint-Michielsgestel about 10 kilometres from Den Bosch. Sports enthusiasts can live their dreams out here; the grounds feature a volleyball and basketball court, table tennis tables and two football fields.

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EuroParcs de Kraaijenbergse Plassen

The EuroParcs De Kraaijenbergse Plassen is located on a branch of the Maas, 10 kilometers from Nijmegen. In the summer, guests can relax on the private sandy beach. In the spring, the historic and popular city center of Nijmegen is the major attraction for lovers of culture, shopping and entertainment.

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Podane ceny są cenami "od" i są uzależnione od dostępności pokoi. Wszystkie informacje w tym cenniku opierają się na cenach wraz podatkami, które są znane w dniu 1 lipca każdego roku. Euro-Sportring zastrzega sobie prawo do zmiany cen w przypadku wzrostu kosztów i/lub podatków w okresie trwania sezonu. Te ceny sa ustalone i nienegocjowalne. Oprócz kosztów uczestnictwa za osobę, pobierana będzie opłata wpisowa w wysokości 150 € / 650 PLN  za zespół