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Hanze Trophy

19 - 20 Aprile 2025
, Zwolle
"Bravo, we really enjoyed ourselves"
International youth football tournament in Zwolle, the Netherlands: Hanze Trophy
Paesi participanti: 
Belgium Denmark France Germany Netherlands Ireland

Organisers vv SVI and ZAC are used to warm words, but the many accolades they received for the last Hanze Trophy were really special. SVI and ZAC lay on a sports programme for their guests that is highly appreciated by the participants. Moreover, each year there is an attractive field sign up, with 5-6 nationalities represented. Aside from the fact that a visit to the charming centre of the Hanseatic city of Zwolle is definitely worthwhile, there is another bonus for participants: they can stay in holiday parks with lots of exciting, free attractions. Conclusion: teams who want to combine football matches with a stay in a great holiday hotspot should look no further than the Hanze Trophy.

Age Categories: 
Pulcini (U11), Esordienti (U12), Esordienti (U13), Giovanissimi (U14), Giovanissimi (U15), Allievi (U16), Allievi (U17)
Organizzato da: 
vv S.V.I., Z.A.C.
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The Hanze Trophy is a joint project of the Zwolle clubs, SVI and ZAC. The clubs have a collective membership of a few thousand, and more than 100 teams in all categories.







The Hanze Trophy takes place at two sports grounds on the southern side of Zwolle, four kilometres from the historic city centre. The sports grounds are situated a few minutes apart by car and feature more than 10 pitches in total. You’ll find a spacious clubhouse at each location and a wide range of other facilities, including a large canteen with a terrace, as well as tournament kiosks and a grill.

  • Holiday resort
  • Youth accommodation

In the centre of Zwolle (125,000 inhabitants), the city's rich history is encompassing. Located on the banks of the River Ijssel, Zwolle is an old trading city that was part of the medieval Hanseatic League. As you will see if you take a stroll through the attractive centuries-old centre, with splendid town houses, fortifications and canals, winding streets and a pleasant square around the big church. Despite its age, the city is full of life.

Walibi World Amusement Park

The Walibi World amusement park is paradise for the whole family. The highlight of the park is also the highest point in the park: Goliath, the mother of all roller coasters. At Walibi World, everything is higher, faster, bigger, more spectacular and more impressive. In short, Walibi World is an extraordinary world! And all of that only 30 kilometres from Zwolle.

MAC³PARK Stadium

The MAC³PARK stadium is the home of both the PEC Zwolle men's and women's team, both of which are currently playing in the Dutch premiership, the 'Eredivisie'. This multifunctional stadium can hold 13,250 supporters. This season, visitors once again have the opportunity to take a guided tour of the PEC Zwolle stadium.

Summercamp Heino
Youth accommodation

Summer camp Heino is situated in the woodlands near the village of Heino. This is at approximately 18 kilometres from the city centre of Zwolle. This youth accommodation is popular for its many facilities and friendly staff. Summer camp Heino is the biggest, and according to many people, most fun summer camp in the Netherlands.

Ulteriori informazioni
EuroParcs De IJssel Eilanden
Holiday resort

EuroParcs is a provider of holiday resorts in the higher segment. EuroParcs resorts offer attractive parks in beautiful rural locations. The park De IJssel Eilanden is rated by the guests with and 7.9/10.

The brand new EuroParcs Resort De IJssel Eilanden is located directly on the shore of the former Zuiderzee, a few kilometers from the Hanseatic city of Kampen (Zwolle region). In the ancient city center on the IJssel river, you can feel the rich history of this beautiful Hanseatic city. Walibi, the largest amusement park in the Netherlands, is 20 minutes by car.

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