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Maastricht Trophy

04 - 05 Červen 2022
, Maastricht
A fine tradition
International youth football tournament in Maastricht, the Netherlands: Maastricht Trophy
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 "A brilliantly organised international youth football tournament. Hats off to the organisers!" This response, from one of the participant’s team’s managers, speaks volumes and shows that the people behind the Maastricht Trophy really are on the ball. The fact that the Maastricht Trophy has a strong reputation is not surprising: the tournament has been held in Malberg, a pleasant neighbourhood between the picturesque centre of Maastricht and the Belgian border, for over 30 years. Thanks to the city's convenient location, football fans from many different countries make their way to Maastricht, resulting in an international competition of a high standard. The Maastricht Trophy: highly recommended!

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starší přípravka (U11), mladší žáci (U12), mladší žáci (U13), starší žáci (U14), starší žáci (U15), mladší dorostenci (U17)
RKVVL/Polaris , VV SCM
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The RKVVL Polaris and VV SCM football clubs have been organising the Maastricht Trophy since 1985. The clubs are situated around the corner from one another. RKVVL Polaris plays weekly league matches with 25 teams and VV SCM with 20 teams.





The Maastricht Trophy is played at several locations in the western part of Maastricht, close to the Belgian border. The RKASV facilities comprise 3 lit pitches a clubhouse and 26 changing rooms  The facilities are located close to the new Geusselt complex, situated behind the swimming pool. The locations are around 15-20 minutes away from the centre of Maastricht.


  • Holiday resort
  • School

Maastricht is located at the southernmost point of the Netherlands, and has a beautiful historic city centre. The streets around the Vrijthof, the city’s ‘living room’, so to speak, are teeming with stores, cosy terraces and restaurants. The Maastricht Trophy is held on the western side of the city, more or less on the border with Belgium.


Valkenburg is 15 kilometres from Maastricht. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Netherlands. The city has a friendly centre where visitors can experience all kinds of activities. Special attractions in Valkenburg include the Thermae 2000, a luxury thermal centre with various swimming pools, saunas and Turkish steam baths, and De Valkenier, an amusement park with a range of activities for all ages.

Oostappen Vakantiepark Hengelhoef
Holiday resort

Vakantiepark Hengelhoef (holiday park) is situated in a beautiful green area with woods and a heath near the Dutch border and the city of Hasselt, the capital of Belgian Limburg. The holiday park has a wide range of facilities, but the big attraction is the impressive swimming paradise with its wild water rapids and slides.

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Schools Maastricht

The Sintmaartens college in Maastricht is a modern school situated in a residential area in Maastricht. The school is only 5 kilometres away from the beautiful city centre of Maastricht with many shopping facilities, restaurants, pubs and discotheques.

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