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Arnhem Cup (Handball)

19 - 20 Kwiecień 2025
, Arnhem
A sure fire recipe for success
International handball tournament Arnhem Netherlands, Arnhem Cup (Handball).
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International handball tournament: The unique, multipurpose sports centre Valkenhuizen and two sporthalls changes during Easter into a handball paradise. It then becomes the home of the Arnhem Cup, one of the most enjoyable handball tournaments in the Euro-Sportring programme. Valkenhuizen is a very large sports centre; with five large sports halls, a restaurant, an indoor swimming pool, a climbing wall, splendid grass pitches and lots of other facilities to make this into a five star sports complex. The other 2 sporthalls are situated around 8/9 kilometers from Valkenhuizen and the schools. The organisation manages each year to organise a quality tournament with international appeal which is much appreciated. And of course, the pleasant centre of Arnhem is a real treat. The Arnhem Cup is first class!

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Młodzik Dziewczyny (G13), Trampkarz Dziewczyny (G15), Junior młodszy Dziewczyny (G17), Junior Dziewczyny (G19), Mężczyźni (M-O), Młodzik (U13), Trampkarz (U15), Junior młodszy (U17), Junior (U19), Kobiety (W-O)
DFS Arnhem
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ESCA ESCA Handbal is one of the biggest handball clubs in Arnhem area. In 1967 ESCA was champion of the Netherlands and defended its colours in the European Cup competition. Formed in 1997 the Arnhem Cup is a new international attraction from this active club with a strong youth-policy. Many young and enthusiastic players join the club with, international aspirations. After a decade the club and organisation are still eager to make the next Arnhem Cup even better. AAC' 1899 The club has been founded in 1899 and after many collaborations in 1989 the name AAC'1899 was formed. The club has now 200 members, divided over 4 senior teams and 10 youth teams. The first women team plays in the highest competition of the Netherlands and between 1997-2001 the club was placed for the Europe league. AAC'1899 plays his home matches at sportcentrum Rijkerswoerd with over 400 seating places and also uses a second sporthall called de Laar west.  AHV Swift AHV Swift have been founded in 1946 and has almost 400 members and 85 active volunteers, what makes them one of the biggest clubs in Arnhem. The first men-team plays in the highest competition of the Netherlands. The teams of AHV Swift play their homematches at Sporthall Elderveld which has over 750 seats. Their professionalism and the active volunteers make AHV Swift aperfect organizer for the Arnhem Handball Cup.

The Arnhem Handball Cup is played at the Valkenhuizen sports centre. Valkenhuizen is one of the most impressive sports centres in the Netherlands and with its 5 handball courts it has the largest handball facilities under one roof in the Netherlands. In addition, it has the necessary sanitary facilities, a restaurant and a canteen with a bar.

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Arnhem (155,000 inhabitants) is located approx. 20 kilometers from the German limit. To the north, the city is right up to the Veluwe National Park, which is the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. Papendal and Valkenhuizen are located in this green part of town. But Arnhem has more to offer than just forest: it is definitely worth exploring the lively center. The area around about Korenmarkt is particularly suitable for enjoying a few hours.

Burger's Zoo

Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem (3 kilometres from the Valkenhuizen sports centre) is one of the most beautiful zoos in Europe. But it is more than just a zoo. As far back as 1968, it was one of the first zoos to offer visitors a Safari experience. In the years that followed, it introduced more and more spectacular attractions, such as Burgers’ Bush, the first covered tropical rain forest in the world, the mangrove, the desert, and the ocean, all of which attract a large public.

Nederlands Openluchtmuseum

The "Nederlands Openluchtmuseum"  (2 kilometres from the Valkenhuizen sports centre) is a journey into the past. This beautiful park has more than 80 houses, farms and mills from all parts of the Netherlands, representing various periods in Dutch history. Visitor can get a unique picture of how people lived and worked in the Netherlands during the last 250 years.

Schools Arnhem Handball Cup

Two schools have been reserved for the participants at the Arnhem Cup. Both schools are located in Arnhem South at about two kilometres from the lively centre of Arnhem. The sports parks where the Arnhem Cup takes place are within easy reach. The schools are modern and offer an auditorium for meals. Around the building there is space for outdoor activities. The super modern GelreDome stadium of the premier league club Vitesse Arnhem is located at around one kilometre from both buildings.

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Oostappen Vakantiepark Arnhem
Holiday resort

Holiday Park Arnhem is part of the Oostappen group, a specialist in family holiday parks. The holiday park is located on the edge of the forest of Arnhem North, 5 kilometres from the city centre. The park offers a wide range of facilities for a pleasant stay, including an indoor swimming pool with a roof that can be opened on days with nice weather, a cosy restaurant, various playgrounds, sports fields, a bouncy castle and a miniature golf course.

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Europarcs de Zanding

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