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Moldava Cup

14 - 15 Maggio 2021
, Praga
International aspect
International senior football tournament Prague Czech Republic, Moldava Cup.
Paesi participanti: 
Belgium Czech Republic Denmark Germany Netherlands

Looking for a tournament in one of Europe’s most attractive and popular cities? The Moldava Cup in Prague! Prague is also a true football city with famous names such as Sparta Prague and Slavia Prague. But the city with the golden towers is also a genuine international crowd-puller  – for tourists and footballers. Participants of the Moldava Cup really go for the international aspect. An attractive international mix of nationalities. They come for the football, but of course also to enjoy all the wonders the city of Prague has to offer.

Age Categories: 
Uomini (M-O/7), Veterani (M35/7)
Organizzato da: 
Spolek Pro Podporu Sportu
Numero di squadra: 
Prima edizione: 

The Golden City Cup is organised by Spolek Pro Podporu Sportu. The club was founded in 1988.

The Moldava Cup will be played at the Na Šancích sports park in the eastern part of Prague. The sports park has 2 pitches, plenty of changing rooms and a small restaurant or buffet with a terrace. From the sports park it takes 30 minutes to reach the centre of Prague by public transport.