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Bergstraßen Pokal

30 - 31 Maggio 2020
, Viernheim & Weinheim
The "Heimat" of Sepp Herberger
International youth football tournament in Mannheim, Germany: Bergstrassen Pokal
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Czech Republic France Germany Netherlands Switzerland

Fancier of historic towns and castles? Then you are at the right address in Weinheim and Viernheim. Both towns are situated in a pretty spot in the Rhine valley just north of the famous Heidelberg and partly on the "Bergstrasse", a well-known tourist route along the vineyards. For football fans there is another special reason to visit Weinheim. This town was the "Heimat" of Sepp Herberger, the legendary coach who led the German national team in 1954 - totally unexpectedly - to the first world title. The stadium of TSG Weinheim is named after him and during the "Bergstraßen Pokal" there is a special Sepp Herberger exhibition in the municipal museum. The organizers are prepared, numerous volunteers are ready to receive the guests at their sports park - the "Bergstraßen Pokal" will be a great football party.

Age Categories: 
Pulcini (U11), Esordienti (U12), Esordienti (U13), Giovanissimi (U15), Allievi (U17)
Organizzato da: 
TSV Amicitia Viernheim e.V. & TSG 1862 Weinheim e.V.
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TSG Weinheim was founded in 1862, making it one of the oldest sports clubs in Germany. The current omni-sports club has almost 7,000 members spread over 15 different competitive sports and various recreational sports. From American Football to Water Polo, at TSG Weinheim you can practice it all. The football department consists of approximately 800 members, including 500 youth members divided over 21 teams. TSV Amicitia Viernheim is a club merged in 2008 of Spvgg Amicitia Viernheim 1909 and TSV Viernheim 1906. The club is an omni-sports club with 7 different departments; basketball, football, handball, athletics, table tennis, gymnastics and triathlon are the sports practiced by nearly 2,500 members. The youth football department has 18 boys and 7 girls teams.

The Hector Sport Center is the flagship of TSG Weinheim. This multifunctional sports park is equipped with all comforts. In addition to the well-kept football pitches, there is an outdoor swimming pool right next to the football fields. TSV Amicitia Viernheim uses 2 locations. One is the Waldstadion with a capacity of 4000 spectators and the other a sports location with 2 grass pitches and 1 artificial turf. Next to the Waldstadion is a public swimming pool with water slides and a little further a recreational lake for entertainment after the matches

Viernheim & Weinheim

The Bergstraßen Pokal is a joint project of the football clubs based in Viernheim (34,000 inhabitants) and Weinheim (45,000 inhabitants). The two towns lie at the foot of the popular Odenwald forest, 15 minutes' drive from Mannheim and Heidelberg. Thanks to the historic city of Heidelberg and the natural beauty of the Odenwald forest, the region is a popular destination. In addition, besides a historic centre, Mannheim also offers vibrant city life with a large shopping centre, and more. And since you're in the area: the picturesque 'Marktplatz' in Weinheim is a must-see.


Fifteen minutes' drive from Viernheim und Weinheim is the medieval university town of Heidelberg. Visit the historic centre with its intimate market square and small shopping streets. And don't miss out on the view from the 13th century Heidelberg castle, the 1th century Old Bridge and the student prison, which dates back to the 16th century.