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Prague Strahov Cup

22 - 23 május 2021
, Praga
Egy szóval: lenyűgöző
 Nemzetközi ifjúsági futball tornák Prága Cseh Köztársaság: Prague Strahov Cup
Participating countries: 
Austria Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Netherlands Poland Hungary Romania Slovakia Switzerland


“Wow” A Strahovba érkező atléták egyszerűen nem hisznek a szemüknek. A világ legnagyobb stadionja nyolc fantasztikus pályával rendelkezik, és 220000 néző befogadására képes. A bajnokság szálláshelye, a Sparta Prague egyszerűen lenyűgöző. Az igazat megvallva nem is lehet mivel összehasonlítani. "Igazán hihetetlen élmény." Prága városközpontja és a turisztikai látványosságok pedig a Moldva folyó túlpartján találhatók. Micsoda látkép! A remek nemzetközi ellenfelek, és a teljes ütemterv mellett is marad éppen elég idő az Aranyváros megtekintésére... a Prague Strahov kupa résztvevőinek nem is lesz elegendő idejük, hogy egyszerre mindent befogadjanak.

Age Categories: 
Fiúk 10, Fiúk 11, Fiúk 12, Fiúk 13, Fiúk 14, Fiúk 15, Fiúk 16, Fiúk 17, Fiúk 19
Občanské Sdružení Pro Podporu Sportu
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A Prague Strahov Cup bajnokságot az I.S.C. Sports szervezi. A szervezet hivatalos neve Občanské Sdružení Pro Podporu Sportu. A klub 1988-ban alakult. A Prague Strahov Cup mellett az I.S.C. Sports számos más sporteseményt is szervez. Az egyik legfontosabb ezek közül a Golden Tour: a csehországi csapatok legnagyobb fedett pályás futball ligája. Minden évben több mint 50 csapat vesz részt a versenyen. Az I.S.C. Sports sok projektet a Czech Football Association-nel együttműködve szervez.

The Prague Strahov Cup is played at 2 locations in the eastern part of Prague and a location in the western part around Strahov Uhríneves, including in and around Strahov stadium. Each location has plenty of changing rooms, a small restaurant or buffet with a barbecue, and snacks and drinks.

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Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and acts as a magnet for teams from all over Europe during Euro-Sportring. Although our teams obviously come for the international competition on the football field, Prague's historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s not to be missed. There are lots and lots of hot spots to explore. A stroll through the epic centre of Prague and across the famous Charles Bridge is bound to draw a few excited ooohs and aaahs. Up for a bit of shopping? You have to be in the Nové Mesto district for that. You’ll find an amazing range of big chain stores and smaller shops over there. Then pick any one of the many fine terraces in the centre for a well-earned break from the shopping rush.

Strahov Stadium

Strahov Stadium is the largest stadium complex in the world. It comprises nearly eight hectares and can accommodate up to 240,000 spectators! The stadium was built in the 1930s. Between 2002 and 2003, it was completely renovated. The whole complex consists of a main field, 5 training fields and 2 artificial turf fields. The top football centre of Sparta Prague is based here.

Plus Prague Hostel

Located in the Holešovice district, Plus Prague Hostel is separated from the capital’s historic city centre by the Vltava river. This neighbourhood has experienced an economic boom for a few years now, with bustling shopping streets running between huge, beautifully renovated buildings dating back to the start of the 1900s and fully refurbished factories. If you want to explore the picturesque city centre, you can hop on the metro for 10 minutes and head straight to Wenceslas Square. In addition to comfortable rooms, the Plus Prague Hostel has a café/bar, a pool table, satellite TV and an indoor swimming pool and sauna.

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A&O Prague Rhea

The A&O Hostel Prague Rhea was recently renovated from the ground up and has undergone a total metamorphosis: playfully furnished rooms, a well thought-out public space and top-notch facilities guarantee an optimal stay in Prague. Our guests cannot help but feel at home in this modern accommodation. The location is also great: it only takes 12 minutes from the nearby metro station to the heart of the beautiful "old city".

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A Plus Hostel

A Plus Hostel is located right in the centre of Prague, only a 10-minute walk from the picturesque centre. One of the interesting places to visit is the old Nové Mesto district. Another impressive historical site is the Prague Castle, which is located 2.5 kilometres from the hostel. There is a metro and tram stop adjacent to the hostel from where you can easily reach all the most interesting attractions. The colourful rooms are decorated in a playful way. The hostel also features a comfortable lounge, cosy recreation room and a restaurant.

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A&O Prag Metro Strizkov

A&O Prague Metro Strizkov is a modern hostel situated in the neighbourhood of Strizkov, 5 kilometres north of Prague’s famous city centre. It takes 15 minutes to reach the centre by metro. The hostel has a TV lounge and free WiFi and is furnished in a cool, functional style.

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