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North Sea Trophy

10 - 11 június 2023
, Oostende
Visiting the Queen
International youth football tournament Ostend Belgium: North Sea Trophy
Participating countries: 
Belgium France Germany Netherlands

Ostend is known as the ‘Queen of the Belgian seaside towns’ and it is a fitting description. Besides sea, sand and a promenade, Ostend also has pleasant shopping streets, restaurants and bustling nightlife. For those who want to combine all this with a international youth football tournament, there is now the North Sea Trophy. The location for this tournament is the brand new Sportpark De Schorre which has ten pitches, a splendid clubhouse and a reception room. Ascension Day at the international youth football tournament in Ostend – what a great idea!

Age Categories: 
Fiúk 11, Fiúk 12, Fiúk 13, Fiúk 15, Fiúk 17, Fiúk 19
VC Vamos Zandvoorde
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The organizer of this international youth football tournament is KV Oostende. (Koninklijke Voetbalclub Oostende). The club was established in 1981 after a fusion of clubs K.V.G.O and A.S.O. KV Oostende played in the years 1993 and 1998 in the highest national league. At the moment the first mens team of KV Oostende plays in the second national league. The club has 22 youth teams and are present in each agecategory at national level. Each Easter the club organizes a tournament for professional teams as for example Ajax Amsterdam, PSV Eindhoven, Anderlecht and Club Brugge. The experience and the enthusiasm of KV Oostende will make the North Sea Trophy to a great success!

The Flanders Cup will be played on the sports park De Schorre which is the home ground of KV Oostende and the sports park of KEG Gistel, 7 km away. De Schorre sports park has no fewer than 20 pitches and various clubhouses. KEG gistel's sports park has 4  pitches. During the tournament, the sports parks will be festively decorated with a large tent, terrace, stalls for snacks and drinks and a stage for the UEFA Respect ceremony.

  • School/Sportshall
  • Youth accommodation

Oostende (70,000 inhabitants) offers everything you would expect from a seaside town: an expanse of sea, a beautiful beach and a boulevard jam-packed with restaurants, cafés and hotels. In addition, the area behind the boulevard is riddled with shopping streets. In short: Oostende is a seaside town with an urban flair.  De Schorre sports park is a couple of kilometres away from the centre and the boulevard.      


Oostende Municipal Swimming Pool:

Is it too cold outside, or are you not keen on the salty seawater? Then head to the Oostende municipal swimming pool to cool off.

Fort Napoleon:

At the end of the 18th century, France annexed our provinces. Napoleon feared an English attack on the port of Oostende, so in 1811 he had an imposing fort built in the dunes: Fort Napoleon. It is now a museum, bistro and restaurant - it's really worth a visit.

School Gistel

The Sint-Godelievecollege is located on the main street at walking distance from the center of Gistel, a friendly town at eight kilometers from Ostend and sports park de Schorre. The college consists of various wings around a courtyard. In addition to the classrooms, the building houses a large auditorium for breakfast.

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Youth accommodation

Horizon youth accommodation is located on the edge of the dune, a few hundred metres from the wide sandy beach at Bredene aan Zee. Ostend is 6 kilometres away and can easily be reached with the famous coastal tram (door to door). The accommodation is spacious and located on a 4-hectare estate. So there’s plenty of space for one more game of football!

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