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Veluwe Trophy

30 - 31 Maggio 2025
, Hattem + Wapenveld
A very special location
International youth football tournament Hattem & Wapenveld, Netherlands: Veluwe Trophy
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Belgium Denmark France Germany Netherlands England Sweden

A romantic little town with a charming medieval centre bounded by the picturesque River IJssel on one side and the Hoge Veluwe National Park, the Netherlands' biggest forest, on the other: it doesn't get any prettier than this. Throw in a generous dash of hospitality from countless volunteers and you'll understand why the Veluwe Trophy is so highly rated. The tournament takes place at two sports parks. Both complexes are attractions in their own right, with 11 perfect pitches and splendid clubhouses and stands. Two days of intensive football, excellent crowds and, above all, warm hospitality. What are you waiting for?

Age Categories: 
Esordienti Femm. (G13), Giovanissimi Femm. (G15), Allievi Femm. (G17), Pulcini (U11), Esordienti (U12), Esordienti (U13), Giovanissimi (U15), Allievi (U16), Allievi (U17)
Organizzato da: 
vv Hattem, sv Hatto-Heim & WZC Wapenveld
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The Veluwe Trophy is a joint project organised by VV Hattem, neighbouring club SV Hatto-Heim and WZC Wapenveld. 



The Veluwe Trophy tournament takes place in one of the most beautiful areas of the Netherlands, namely in the forests of the Veluwe - the largest nature reserve in the Netherlands. The sports grounds are therefore very popular and see professional clubs regularly hold training internships at the venue. The sports grounds also feature a main field with a grandstand, two clubhouses with canteens and terraces, and various tournament kiosks

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Hattem (12,000 inhabitants) is sandwiched between De Veluwe nature reserve and the River IJssel 8 km from Zwolle. In the old town of Hattem, it seems as if time has stood still: winding alleys with centuries-old houses, the market square by the old church and the medieval city gate. Foreign visitors will be charmed by the narrow streets and convivial pavement cafés around the market square.


The old Hanseatic city of Zwolle is the capital of the eastern province of Overijssel and has 125,000 residents. The city is home to many historical façades, beautiful manor houses, fortifications and canals. The centre, including the old Gothic city hall, is a fantastic place to shop and enjoy a night out. The city contains hundreds of shops in all shapes and sizes, from large chains to small specialist stores. The area surrounding Zwolle offers plenty of natural beauty, such as the floodplains along the IJssel river

Walibi World Amusement Park

Walibi World is a theme park and a veritable paradise for the whole family. The highlight of the park is found at its highest point: Goliath, the mother of all roller coasters. At Walibi World, everything is higher, faster, more spectacular, bigger and more impressive. In short, Walibi World is an extraordinary world! And it is just 30 kilometres from Zwolle.

Summercamp Heino
Youth accommodation

Do not expect a lot of luxury, but Summer Camp Heino is certainly one of the most pleasant group accommodations in the Netherlands. The accommodation is fully equipped for the youth and is situated on a terrain of 16 hectares with a forest, water, and large playing and sports fields. The pretty center of the Hanseatic city of Zwolle is 15 kilometers away.

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Walibi Village
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Enjoy 30 top attractions free of charge: from the thrills of the tallest, fastest and longest roller coaster to cool experiences and fun for all the family. Guests at Walibi bungalow park receive free entry for two days to Walibi Holland, one of the largest theme parks in the Netherlands. That's a fantastic deal, as tickets usually cost EUR 37.50 per day at the weekend. Walibi bungalow park offers comfortable, spacious, fully furnished bungalows along with an indoor pool.

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