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Istra Cup

18 - 20 április 2025
, Umag
Régi barátok randevúja
Nemzetközi labdarúgó torna, Horvátország, Amfora Cup
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Participating countries: 
Czech Republic France Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Slovenia Switzerland

A pihentető környezetben zajló versenyt kereső csapatoknak nem kell tovább keresniük: az Istra és az Amfora Cup épp nekik való. Porec több évszázados kikötője mellett, az isztriai part szívében fekszik a Zelena Laguna sport- és szabadidőközpont. Számos professzionális csapat, és alkalmanként a horvát nemzeti csapat is itt tartja edzőtáborait. De Húsvétkor és Pünkösdkor a komplexum kizárólag a fiataloké. A verseny 15 éves történelmével mára régi barátok találkozóhelyének számít.

Age Categories: 
Fiúk 11, Fiúk 12, Fiúk 13, Fiúk 14, Fiúk 15, Fiúk 17, Fiúk 19
NK Veli Vrh
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Az Amfora Cup bajnokságot az NK Veli Vrh, az Istrian Football Association szövetséggel és Porec városával együtt rendezi.

The Istra Cup take place in a beautiful, atmospheric sports grounds a few hundred metres from the beach in the seaside towns of Umag..The park features five fine pitches and a variety of other facilities. During the tournament, the whole area is supplemented with various festive kiosks offering snacks and drinks.




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Istria is the largest peninsula in the Adriatic Sea and the most western province of Croatia. Istria boasts at least 445 kilometres of rocky coastline, making it a popular holiday spot for sun worshippers! The towns of Pula, Poreč and Umag are the most noteworthy tourist destinations. Istria has a pristine natural landscape with lakes and waterfalls, a rich centuries-old culture and hospitable people.

Apartments Plava Laguna

The Sol Stella apartments are part of the luxurious Stella Maris Holiday Resort in Umag. Lovers of large holiday parks with many facilities will feel completely at home here. The holiday park is built around a bay and offers numerous facilities such as a beautiful partly sandy and partly pebble beach, swimming pools, various beach pavilions with a terrace, bistros and bars. According to a guest, the complex is large yet cosy. For tennis enthusiasts it is nice to know that the imposing ATP tennis stadium is part of the complex. The center of Umag is within walking distance. The harbor town has a picturesque center with nice terraces on the harbor.

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Hotel Plava Laguna

The Plava Laguna hotel group hotels offers various *** hotels around the medieval port town of Umag. The accommodations are surrounded by pine forests and are located on a few minutes walk from the beach. The hotels numerous facilities to ensure a pleasant stay: several buffet restaurants with  live-cooking at breakfast, large lounges with comfortable seating areas and, of course, swimming pools surrounded by sun terraces. 

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