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Prague Strahov Cup

30 - 31 Mayo 2020
, Praga
Teams from the East and West
International youth football tournament in Prague, Czech Republic: Prague Strahov Cup.
Participating countries: 
Austria Czech Republic Denmark France Germany Netherlands Poland Hungary Romania Slovakia Switzerland

It is hardly surprising that around 150 teams come to Prague each year for the Prague Strahov Cup. Why? Because it strikes the perfect balance between an international competition and spending time in a beautiful city. The Prague Strahov Cup is a wonderful opportunity for teams from the East and West to meet and compete. Each year, friends of football from ten different countries convene over the Pentecost weekend in one of the most stunning cities in Europe. It is simply a fantastic sporting event, all the more so considering it takes place in Prague, a cosmopolitan hotspot. Simply cross one of the charming bridges spanning the Vitava River and you are already in the city centre – exactly where you want to be.

Age Categories: 
Alevin (U10), Alevin (U11), Infantil (U12), Infantil (U13), Cadete (U14), Cadete (U15), (U16), Juvenil (U17), Juniores (U19)
Spolek Pro Podporu Sportu
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The Prague Strahov Cup is organised by Spolek Pro Podporu Sportu. The club was founded in 1988. The Prague Strahov Cup is played at 3 locations in Prague, including a number of pitches in Strahov stadium.

The Prague Strahov Cup is played at 2 locations in the eastern part of Prague and a location in the western part around Strahov Uhríneves, including in and around Strahov stadium. Each location has plenty of changing rooms, a small restaurant or buffet with a barbecue, and snacks and drinks.


Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and acts as a magnet for teams from all over Europe during Euro-Sportring. Although our teams obviously come for the international competition on the football field, Prague's historic centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s not to be missed. There are lots and lots of hot spots to explore. A stroll through the epic centre of Prague and across the famous Charles Bridge is bound to draw a few excited ooohs and aaahs. Up for a bit of shopping? You have to be in the Nové Mesto district for that. You’ll find an amazing range of big chain stores and smaller shops over there. Then pick any one of the many fine terraces in the centre for a well-earned break from the shopping rush.

Strahov Stadium

Strahov Stadium is the largest stadium complex in the world. It comprises nearly eight hectares and can accommodate up to 240,000 spectators! The stadium was built in the 1930s. Between 2002 and 2003, it was completely renovated. The whole complex consists of a main field, 5 training fields and 2 artificial turf fields. The top football centre of Sparta Prague is based here.