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Bayer Uerdingen Pokal

07 - 08 Červen 2025
, Krefeld
Conviviality definitely comes a close second
Internationaal jeugdvoetbaltoernooi in Uerdingen, Duitsland: Bayer Uerdingen Pokal
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FC Uerdingen is well known to footballing insiders. In the '80s and '90s, the club played in Germany's top tier. They are still ambitious in terms of professional football, but the Uerdingen Pokal has also become a fixture in the diary. The tournament takes place at a beautiful, large sports park on the banks of the Rhine. The grounds are decked out with festive decorations for the occasion and naturally features a BBQ and additional kiosks but also a "beach park" where you can chill out between and after matches. Football takes first place during the Bayer Uerdingen Pokal, but conviviality comes a close second.

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starší přípravka (U11), mladší žáci (U12), mladší žáci (U13), starší žáci (U15), mladší dorostenci (U17), starší dorostenci (U19)
SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen e.V.
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The Bayer Uerdingen Pokal is organized by the former Bundesliga Club FC Bayer 05 Uerdingen in collaboration with the regional football association. The club has 29 teams, of which 24 are youth teams.

The Bayer Uerdingen Pokal is played at the 5 star SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen sports grounds. The impressive 25-hectare park offers, among other things, 9 pitches, a large stand at the main pitch, sports halls, a beach club, and a big restaurant with a terrace. During the tournament, all of this is supplemented with a grill, a soda bar and all sorts of gaming facilities.

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Krefeld (222,000 inhabitants) is located on the west bank of the Rhine, halfway between Duisburg and Düsseldorf. With four clubs in the German Bundesliga, this region is a real hot spot for football fans. The borough of Uerdingen, bounded on one side by the Rhine, is part of Krefeld. The historic city of Krefeld has a pleasant, car-free centre with all the familiar attractions of a lively shopping centre. And if you do want to check out Düsseldorf, you can be in its famous old town in less than half an hour.  


For a night out, you have to head to Düsseldorf. This famous historical and tourist city has 600,000 inhabitants and is famous for its dazzling nightlife. It's not only the 'Altstadt' (the old town), with more than 300 cafes and clubs, that's a great night out, but also the trendy area around Nordstrasse. Düsseldorf is 25 kilometres from Krefeld.

Sporthall Bayer Uerdingen

Multi-sports association SC Bayer 05 Uerdingen has an impressive sports park with various accommodations, including a sturdy sports hall. During the Bayer Uerdingen Pokal, the hall is available for accommodation of the participants. The hall is located right next to the club house and the "beach club" where meals are used. A great place for a nice stay.

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