Bring a friend

Bring a friend

Share your Euro-Sportring participation

Share our social media images, bring another team along & enjoy an unforgettable experience!

You are going to a Euro-Sportring tournament! We can't wait to welcome you. A Euro-Sportring tournament is not only a great experience for your team, it's an unforgettable experience that other teams, thanks to your shared message, can also enjoy!
Share your participation so that your friends will notice you. Who knows, you could join together and travel to an international tournament with several teams from your club. Super fun and who knows, you might be able to share the travel costs or find a great sponsor for your trip by using these images.



How can you share your participation?

  1. Download one of our tournament images below.

  2. Share the image on your social media channel(s) (this can be either on the feed or story).

  3. Tag us in your post! (Facebook: @eurosportring or Instagram: @euro_sportring).



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