How did we handle COVID-19?

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Refund to 3912 clubs

Club hapiness

Quotes from clubs


James Whitelaw
Rossvale BC (SC)

This is the first time we have booked with Gavin @ Euro-Sporting and i can honestly say he has been fantastic. Our trip has now been cancelled due to covid 19 but everything they have done was great. They have also arranged for a full refund, which i know other companies are not doing, so i am gratefull for this. I will definitely be booking in the future through Gavin/Euro-Sportring.

Lorna McKeown
Condorrat BC

“You have been fantastic from start to finish!”

Esther Stracke

"Me and the parents are super happy with the handling."

Claus-Dieter Rockstroh
SpVgg Ingelheim (D)

Super, parents very happy, not very common / obvious in this situation!

Vito Romanelli
MTV 1817 Mainz (D)

Great service, top! We are 100% satisfied. The parents were positively surprised and satisfied with the refund and it has proven that Euro-Sportring is a very serious partner!

Joost den Hollander

"I liked the handling and communication. Initially during the 'normal' period, but certainly also the way in which you met us as a customer and kept us informed during 'corona time'."

Rodolphe Moureaux
R.E. Stephanois (BE)

"We are very satisfied with the handling of our refund”

Tomáš Moudrý
TJ Slavia Radonice (CZ)

Thank you very much for your cooperation and we look forward to the tournaments in 2021!”

Markus Schwörer
FV Malsch (D)

“Very good, without problems, very professional, always reachable and good contact and communication, very transparent!”

Corona measures

Tournaments in 2021

Despite recent studies showing that the spread of the corona virus in the open air and during football is very limited, Euro-Sportring, together with the organiser and suppliers, is taking every precaution for a safe international tournament.

In order to offer you a carefree stay, Euro-Sportring has taken measures together with its partners. Euro-Sportring follows at all times the instructions of the local authorities and will take all necessary measures to allow the tournament to go ahead as long as there is permission to do so. The measures that will be taken are summarized below.


Euro-Sportring uses the social distancing policy for its tournaments. This includes the following measures

  • Disinfection material in public areas
  • No shaking hands
  • Handling 1.5 meter measure
  • No big meetings, the prize-giving ceremonies take place in an adapted way. 
  • No audience in the stands
  • Extra cleaning toilet and shower areas
  • Known general safety measures
    • Walking route
    • Limited dispensing points in sports canteens
    • Prevent queues at check-in

It goes without saying that the partners of Euro-Sportring comply with the rules on corona policy in the country concerned. The accommodations also have this obligation. Euro-Sportring offers a number of additional measures

  • Reduction of the number of beds per room to ensure social distance
  • Disinfection material in the rooms
  • Schedule for dividing dining times and different dining areas to prevent group formation and ensure social distancing
  • Extra cleaning of the rooms
  • In the case of larger accommodations, groups are clustered per country
  • Specific rules may apply per accommodation - you will be informed in advance.

Euro-Sportring assumes that from September 2020 passenger transport in coaches will be allowed again. This is also the most recent information that has been communicated from coach industry organizations. Anyway, Euro-Sportring is forced to offer bus transport subject to availability.

Cancellation tournament

Of course Euro-Sportring hopes that all tournaments will take place in 2021. Should this not be possible, we would like to inform you in advance about the procedure.

Tournament cancellation will only take place if the authorities impose a tournament ban or that there is a (in)travel ban. In that case Euro-Sportring will be forced to cancel the tournament, either completely or not. The procedure is as follows:

Your Euro-Sportring agent will contact you to discuss the situation. Euro-Sportring offers three options:

  1. You can rebook to another tournament free of charge, whether or not later in the season.
  2. You can convert the amount you paid to Euro-Sportring into a voucher. Then you will get a bonus of 20% over the amount paid.
  3. You will receive the amount you paid minus €15,00 per peson back. The retained amount will be converted into a travel voucher.

In the unlikely event that you wish to cancel your booked tournament due to an unclear corona situation, the general terms and conditions will apply.

Euro-Sportring is affiliated with the SGR-Z. This means that in case of bankruptcy of the tour operator, the consumer will get his money back. In this way your payments to Euro-Sportring are insured. In addition, we are proud to announce that we have been active in the world of international tournaments for 60 years. Euro-Sportring does this as a non-profit organization with a solid financial position. In season 2019-2020 this means that we have refunded the payments of all booked clubs. We will do this again in the future in case of an unexpected instruction from the authority.