Age categories

Our age categories are abbreviated with U / G / W / M.

This means that we have categories for Boys (U), Girls (G), Women (W), Men (M) and Men veterans(M35/45)

Each year the categories are adjusted according to the age categories used by the UEFA and national FA's. Starting point is the year the tournament is held.

So in 2024, the category U11 is for boys born on/after 01.01.2013. For G15 it is for girls born on/after 01.01.2009.


The calculation is as following:

Year of the tournament (2024) minus the age category (f.e. U11) = 2024 - 11 = 2013. So in 2024 the  U11 category is for boys born on/after 01.01.2013.

U11 = boys born on/after 01.01.2013 (take 2024 - 11 = 2013)

U12 = boys born on/after 01.01.2012

U13 = boys born on/after 01.01.2011


G11 = Girls born on/after 01.01.2013

G13 = Girls born on/after 01.01.2011

G15 = Girls born on/after 01.01.2009



W-O = Women open age

M-O = Men open age

Number of participants / Teamleaders

What is the minimum and maximum number of participants allowed in each team?

In order to ensure that the sports programme runs smoothly, a team is obliged to bring at least 2 substitute players per team. The minimum number of players per team (exclusive of 2 team leaders) is therefore:
- Football (11 a-side): 13,
- Football (7-a-side): 9,
- indoor football: 7
- Handball: 9.
There is no maximum number of players for football, for handball the maximum is 14 players per team. For more information please contact your local representative, click here for the contact details.

How many team leaders are we allowed to bring?

Euro-Sportring has no maximum number of teamleaders per team, but there should be a minimum of two teamleaders for each team.

Are parents allowed to join the tournament?

Parents and/or supporters are always welcome. The programme at the tournament is however for the active participants.

Price information

What is included in the price per person?

The price of participation includes the following: information service, accommodation and meals. Euro-Sportring keeps the prices as low as possible,in order, to offer an arrangement that fits every budget.

Are there any additional costs?

Next to the price of participation, there are teamfee costs. The teamfee costs are registration costs per team.

Do teamleaders and/or parents pay the same price as the players?

The costs for the team leaders or parents are the same as the players.


Can Euro-Sportring arrange transportation to the tournaments?

Euro-Sportring can arrange transportation to the tournament by coach. You will always travel with a comfortable coach.
If you are traveling by plane or train, Euro-Sportring can often provide local transportation. Please ask your local representative about the possibilities, click here for the contact details.

Luggage/ Clothes

Should I bring two different team outfits?

As the matches are in most cases divided over two days, it is advised to bring two team outfits. In case of bad weather or oponents with the same colours, a second team outfit can be useful.

Do I need special shoes for artificial grass?

In case the organizing club(s) uses artificial grass pitches during the tournament it is adviced to bring shoes with rubber studs. Metal studs are not permitted on artificial grass.

Do I need special shoes for indoor fields(futsal and handball)?

Shoes with black soles or studs are usually not permitted in a sports hall so we advise you to bring indoor sportshoes.

What should I bring to a tournament?

Euro-Sportring advises you to bring the following for a comfortable stay:
- Sportswear
- Spare sportswear
- Suitable footwear
- Daily clothing
- Travel documents
- A practice ball
- Participants list

How many pieces of luggage can I bring, when transportation is arranged by Euro-Sportring?

You can bring the following luggage; - one suitcase or sports bag of a normal size up to 15 KG per person - One suitcase / sports bag per team with the players' outfits – Do not bring a net with practice balls. In case you want to bring practice balls divide these over the bags of the participants (emptied)


Can I arrange the accommodation myself?

When you book a tournament with Euro-Sportring, the accommodation is included in the offer. It is not possible to book a tournament spot only. Euro-Sportring carefully select suitable accommodations for sports groups, accommodations that offer good value for money and that should be within the vicinity of the sports park. Please ask your local representative for all the possibilities, click here for the contact details.

Is it possible to book extra nights?

Are you interested to stay a night longer? Booking an extra night is in some cases possible. Please ask your local representative for the possibilities, click here for the contact details

What kind of accommodations does Euro-Sportring offer?

Euro-Sportring selects suitable accommodation with great care that suit every budget. Euro-Sportring offers accommodations like schools, sports halls, youth and group accommodations, bungalows and hotels.

Are boys and girls separated if they stay in the same accommodation?

Euro-Sportring does its utmost to separate boys and girls teams in school and sports hall accommodations so that each group has its own privacy. In this type of accommodation, local staff is always present to secure privacy and safety.

At what time can I access the accommodation?

The accommodation is available on the arrival day after 4 PM, and schools and sports halls are available after 5 PM unless otherwise noted.

Meals & additional information

Can I make special meal requests?

Any special meal requests (for instance no pork, vegetarian) must be communicated to your local representative.

Do I have to cook myself, or are the meals arranged?

Euro-Sportring offers various meal possibilities. The most prevalent forms are: - Half board: breakfast and hot main meal -Full board: breakfast, lunch (packed) and hot main meal

Is it possible to bring my dog?

The possibility to bring a dog depends on the accommodation. Please ask your local representative for the possibilities, click here for the contact details.