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IJssel Trophy

30 - 31 Maggio 2020
, Wijhe
A perfect combination
International youth football tournament in Zwolle the Nederlands: IJssel Trophy
Paesi participanti: 
Belgium Denmark France Germany Netherlands

The IJssel Cup is one of those no-frills international youth football tournaments that nevertheless still scores highly with the participants. The secret? A simple but effective programme that is executed with expert precision: a celebratory opening ceremony with a fanfare and a show, followed by a football frenzy with loads of matches. The approximately 100 volunteers make sure that the programme runs like clockwork. Participants don't just meet each other at the sports park - they all stay in a neighbouring holiday park surrounded by trees, which boasts attractions such as a disco, a cinema and an indoor and outdoor pool. In short: your schedule is filled to perfection during this tournament.

Age Categories: 
Pulcini (U11), Esordienti (U12), Esordienti (U13), Giovanissimi (U14), Giovanissimi (U15), Allievi (U17)
Organizzato da: 
sv Wijhe, SC Overwetering
Numero di squadra: 
Prima edizione: 

The IJssel Trophy is organised by SV Wijhe '92 ans SC Overwetering. SV Wijhe'92 was founded in 1992 and has a total of 1100 members. SC Overwetering was founded in 1972 and has 30 teams in competition


The IJssel Trophy matches are played at the Wijhe sports park, on the outskirts of the small town of Wijhe and  at SC Overwetering at 10 minutes drive from SC Wijhe. Both sports parks have 4 pitches and a cosy club house. 


Wijhe (6,500 inhabitants) is a centuries-old village located 10 kilometres to the south of Zwolle and 8 kilometres from Heino, where the participants stay. Wijhe is in a picture-perfect location on the bank of the river IJssel and is surrounded by natural areas and country estates. The tournament is held at a sports park within walking distance from the cosy centre. 


The old Hanseatic city of Zwolle is the capital of the province of Overijssel and has 110,000 residents. The city has many historical facades, beautiful manor houses, fortresses and canals. The centre, including the Gothic old city hall, is a very pleasant place to shop and go for night out. In the city you'll find hundreds of shops in all shapes and sizes, from large chains to small specialist shops. The area surrounding Zwolle offers plenty of natural beauty, such as the floodplains along the IJssel river.

Hellendoorn Adventure Park

The perfect amusement park for a day out! Hidden away in the forest, half an hour from the tournament location, you'll be greeted by 30 top attractions, fantastic shows and exciting events.