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Isar Cup

28 - 29 május 2022
, Moosburg
Out of love for the club
Nemzetközi labdarúgó torna, München, Németország, Isar Cup
Participating countries: 
Austria Croatia Czech Republic France Germany Italy Netherlands Poland Hungary Switzerland

Ezáltal a németországi Münchenben megrendezésre kerülő nemzetközi labdarúgó torna által a szervező FC Moosburg-nak lehetősége nyílik, hogy megmutassa lelkesedését és vendégszeretetét egyaránt. Akárcsak a klub öt korábban rendezett tornája esetében is, ezek az Isar Cup tornáról sem fognak hiányozni. A vadonatúj sportkomplexum hét füves pályával, klubházzal, fűtött kinti medencével, kinti focipályával és korcsolyaarénával van felszerelve. Még mindig maradt kihasználatlan perced? Ebben az esetben látogass el a 80 km-re fekvő Moosburg központjába. Az Allianz Arena-t, a Bayern München stadionját, egyértelműen érdemes meglátogatni. Ezt a németországi Münchenben megrendezendő nemzetközi labdarúgó tornát biztosan élvezni fogod!

Age Categories: 
Fiúk 9, Fiúk 10, Fiúk 11, Fiúk 12, Fiúk 13, Fiúk 15, Fiúk 17
FC Moosburg & TSV Moosburg
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Az Isar Cup bajnokságot a JFG Team Moosburg Land és az FC Moosburg szervezi. Ezek a klubok már 2007 óra rendezik az Isar Cup bajnokságot. Az idei évben ismét teljes lelkesedéssel állnak a feladat elé, hogy sikeres, öt csillagos bajnokságot rendezzenek.

The Isar Cup tournament is played at the Neustadt sports park on the outskirts of the town of Moosburg. This sports park has 6 pitches, a club house with a terrace and a main pitch with a stand for 500 spectators. Participants can also take advantage of the skate park, a beach volleyball court, two street football pitches and the heated outdoor swimming pool 'Freibad Moosburg'.



The Isar Cup is held in a typical Bavarian town with a picturesque centre and cobblestone streets. It is just like being on holiday. Moosburg (17,000 inhabitants) is situated 50 kilometres north of Munich. Nevertheless, the Bavarian capital can be reached in just half an hour by train. The tournament is contested at the municipal sports park of Moosburg right near the town centre.


Folklore and modernity go hand in hand in Munich. Munich is the city of the historic Marienplatz and its beautifully decorated buildings. It is the city of the Oktoberfest with happy people in ‘lederhosen’ and ‘dirndl’ dresses. Car enthusiasts will no doubt think of BMW, but the main attraction is, of course, FC Bayern Munich and the Allianz Arena! The atmospheric centre is full of old Bavarian architecture, lively shopping streets and numerous terraces that are pleasantly filled during stretches of fine weather. Munich is definitely worth a visit!

Shopping and entertainment

Munich is perfect for shopping and good food. You’ll find shops, cafés and traditional Bavarian eateries on and around the central Marienplatz square. Would you like to supplement your vitamins after the games? If so, pay a visit to Munich's famous daily market, the Viktualienmarkt, near the Marienplatz. Here you can enjoy a wide range of cheap delicacies, like sausages, sandwiches and many other traditional Bavarian treats. Then go and enjoy it in the Biergarten. You’re welcome to bring your own food, as long as you buy your drinks in the Biergarten. So, it’s also a fine, budget-proof solution!

Allianz Arena

The Allianz Arena is the FC Bayern Munich stadium. The white exterior is illuminated in a wide spectrum of colours, so you can spot the stadium from a great distance. Always wanted to see the inside? Well, it is possible! Among many other things, you’ll also be able to enjoy a guided tour of the stadium during your visit. You can also visit the FC Bayern Experience. Here, you’ll learn everything about the club’s history and, after that, you can buy some great FC Bayern Munich souvenirs. It’s essential to make your booking well in advance, because the tours are very popular! Look here for more detailed information and to register.