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Danube Challenge Cup

18 - 19 május 2024
, Schwechat
A Práter közelében
Nemzetközi ifjúsági futball tornák Bécs Ausztria: Danube Challenge Cup
Participating countries: 
Austria Czech Republic France Germany Switzerland

Ha focizni szeretne Pünkösdkor a bécsi St.Stephen Katedrálisnál , valamint a Práter és a csodálatos város egyéb látnivalói közelében , akkor csatlakozzon a gerasdorfi nemzetközi ifjúsági focitornához, ahol csak villamosra kell szállnia ahhoz, hogy Bécs történelmi bevárosába jusson. Ez is jó ok lehet, de ennél sokkal fontosabb, amit a tapasztalt és lelkes szervező, az SV Gerasdorf kínál a vendégeknek: nemzetközi tornához méltó adottságokat sportparkjaiban.   

Age Categories: 
Fiúk 10, Fiúk 11, Fiúk 12, Fiúk 13, Fiúk 15, Fiúk 17
SV Schwechat
Csapatok száma: 
Első szervezés: 
Popołudnie /
Przyjazd: zameldowanie i przywitanie w Gerasdorfie. Organizatorzy dostarczą wszelkich niezbędnych informacji dotyczących pobytu oraz turnieju.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some handy tips.
Daytime /
Opening ceremony and flag parade in the stadium. Start of the match programme. The matches will be officiated by referees from the WFV.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some handy tips.
Daytime /
Qualification matches followed by a prize-giving ceremony in the stadium, conducted by the mayor and the chairperson of SV Gerasdorf-Stammersdorf.
Afternoon /
UEFA Respect ceremony: every participant receives a medal on the podium.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some handy tips.
Morning /

A Danube Challenge Cup bajnokságot az SV Gerasdorf-Stammersdorf. Az osztrák SV Gerasdorf-Stammersdorf 1998-ban alakult, és rendszeresen részt vesz az egyéb országokban rendezett Euro-Sportring bajnokságokon. Emiatt tapasztalatból tudják, hogy mi a fontos a résztvevők számára. Ezen irányú tudásukat természetesen a Danube Challenge Cup szervezése során is
bevetik. Ennek köszönhetően a bajnokság a résztvevők minden kívánságát kielégíti.

The Wien Schwechat Cup will be played at SV Schwechat's complex, whose eye-catcher is the Rudulf Tonn stadium is. Surrounding this stadium with a capacity of 7,000 spectators are six pitches where the Wien Schwechat Cup takes place.

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With 1.7 million inhabitants, the Austrian capital of Vienna is by far the largest city in the country. The Danube river flows through the city. The historical centre is world famous for its glorious palaces, monumental squares and Baroque buildings. In Vienna you'll be wandering through the decor of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, one of the reasons why so many tourists visit the city every year. However, the city also has all the traits of a modern city, with a real melting pot of cultures, which you can witness in day-to-day life there. You'll barely be able to take everything in! The Prater amusement park is a very popular attraction. You'll have a fantastic view of the city from the 67 metre high ferris wheel. 

Vienna Prater

The Prater in Vienna is an absolute must-see for every tourist. With more than 250 attractions, ranging from the traditional carousels and the haunted house to modern highlights, such as the Ejection Seat, adventure and fun is guaranteed for all ages. There are plenty of attractions to make the trip worthwhile and the world-famous ferris wheel is not only loved by both young and old - it's also one of the most beautiful symbols of Vienna. 

A&O Wien Hauptbahnhof

A&O Hauptbahnhof is a standard hostel located 2 kilometres from the famous historic centre of Vienna. The centre is within walking distance, but also easy to reach by metro or tram. The accommodation is furnished in a functional style, and boasts a panoramic view of the surroundings from the rooftop bar.

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Jugendgästehaus Wien Brigittenau

The large and modern youth hostel is situated only 20 minutes from the city centre of Wien. Public transport to all parts of the city is close-by.The Donauinsel which is Europe's largest artificial beach on the banks of the Danube is at walking distance,.

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OEKOTEL Traiskirchen

OEKOTEL TRAISKIRCHEN is a comfortable and eco-friendly hotel located in Traiskirchen, Austria. It offers a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel features modern and well-appointed rooms, each designed to provide a comfortable stay.

The hotel's location is convenient for exploring the surrounding area. It is close to attractions such as the Traiskirchen Thermal Spa and Vienna Woods, providing opportunities for outdoor activities and relaxation.

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