Euro-Cup Tornooi

22 - 23 May 2020
, Hamont

Packed stands at the finals

International youth football tournament in Hamont - Achel, België: Euro-Cup Tornooi
Participating countries: 
Belgium Denmark France Germany Netherlands England

With a history going back some 30 (!) years, the Euro-Cup tournament is a fixture on the calendar in the Hamont region. As a result, the stand of 't Leeuwke Stadium of KFC Hamont '99 is always packed for the finals. These days, the pride of Hamont-Achel municipality is a joint project run by KFC Hamont ' 99 and K. Achel VV. The two clubs have a superb sports park which is always decked out specially for the occasion. The cosy atmosphere is simply wonderful. Awaiting participants are two days of football, a real sense of conviviality on the terraces, a lively opening ceremony featuring a parade and music, and of course a closing ceremony with the ceremonial prize-giving. You're sure to go home feeling fantastic! 

Age Categories: 
U11, U12, U13, U14, U15, U17, U19
KFC Hamont '99 & K. Achel VV
First edition: 
Afternoon /
Arrival: check-in with welcome address and information at the sports park from our on-site employees in Hamont-Achel. You will be personally welcomed by the organisers and receive information by our on-site employees about your stay and the tournament.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips.
Daytime /
Start of the match programme. The matches will be played at two excellent sports parks located nearby (home to KFC Hamont 99 and VV Achel). The matches will be officiated by referees from the KBVB.
Afternoon /
Welcome ceremony with a flag parade by the participating teams, a show and music.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips.
Daytime /
Qualification matches and finals followed by prize-giving ceremony on the special tournament plazas at the two sports parks.
Afternoon /
UEFA Respect ceremony: every participant receives a medal on the podium.
Evening /
Free time. See tourist information for some great tips.


KFC Hamont '99 and K. Achel VV are the joint organisers of this international competition. As the name implies, KFC Hamont '99 was founded in 1999. The letters KFC stand for Koninklijke Fusie-Club (Royal Fusion Club). K. Achel VV (Royal Achel Soccer Association) has been around since 1909, although the club went by the name of Klein Maar Dapper (Small but Courageous) at the time. In collaboration with the municipality of Hamont-Achel, they manage to turn this into a successful tournament year after year!



Sport facillity

The Euro Cup tournament takes place in the municipality of Hamont-Achel; in an area along the Dutch border. Achel VV and KFC Hamont 99 have beautiful sports grounds with 5-6 pitches, a stadium and a nice clubhouse with a view of the sports fields. The grounds will also feature a catering square with a bar and terrace during the event.


KFC Hamont

K. Achel VV


Hamont-Achel (14,000 inhabitants) is located in wooded surroundings right on the border with the Netherlands. Harmont-Achel has a cosy town square next to the church and a castle. The municipality is well known for the Saint Benedictus-Abbey where Achel trappist beer is brewed. The pride of Hamont-Achel, however, is Marc Emmers. Capped for Belgium 37 times, the footballer kicked off his career at KFC Hamont 99. The sports complex is at walking distance of the centre.  


Lommel is a town with some 29,000 residents in the Belgian part of Limburg, just below the Dutch border. Surrounded by dunes and forests of pine trees, Lommel is a real paradise for nature lovers. In the centre around the market square and beautiful town hall you'll find both old and new architecture. The town has plenty to offer in the way of shops, restaurants and cafe bars. From April to October, the famous Teutenmarkt (flea/antique market) takes place.

Swimming pool De Dommelslag

Need to burn a bit more energy after playing football? Then why not go for a swim at the De Dommelslag swimming pool in Overpelt? It’s only 10 kilometres from Hamont. Enjoy hours of fun in the wave pool, rushing down the slide and navigating the white-water course. The latter ride is like being swept down a mighty tropical river. Hold on tight, as you spin and swing around from left to right. A little tired after all that? Then why not go and chill out in the sauna, the hot tub or the steam room? After that, you’ll be all set to go again!