Tasmania Berlin Pokal

30 - 31 maj 2020
, Berlin

"Berlin ist toll!"

During Whitsun the Tasmania Berlin Pokal starts in Berlin Neukolln at a special historic site: right next to the runway of city airport Tempelhof, known for the Berlin airlift in the late 1940s, now the largest roller skating of Berlin. Times are changing, but not the enthusiasm of clubs to organise a fun international tournament. Tasmania is such a club. After years of playing outside the club, the club now takes on the challenge. The conditions are excellent: SV Tasmania Berlin has a nice sports park with four fields and a pleasant stadium just 5 kilometres from the centre.

Dynamic, creative, young and rebellious– add these up, give it a shake and you get the very exciting cocktail that is indeed toll. You go to Berlin to play football, perhaps to see the monuments or explore the nightlife. But the greatest reward for your trip to Berlin is the special atmosphere of the city you already feel when you are walking in the street, the tournament takes care of the rest. 

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30 - 31 maj 2020

Tasmania Berlin Pokal

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M-O, M-O/7
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Dynamic, creative, young and tenacious – throw these things into a pot, give it all a stir and you’ve got a heady cocktail which is 'toll' indeed. You'll be travelling to Berlin to play football, perhaps take a look at the landmarks and check out the nightlife. But the greatest reward to take from your trip to Berlin is to soak up the special atmosphere of the city as you wander the streets. The tournament will do the rest.


This former airport gave up that function in 2008 and has since developed to become a city park. Sports and games are at the heart of the park. Football, frisbee, kite flying, roller skating, walking, cycling, it all goes on here. The Tempelhofer Park is the largest park in the city. At 380 hectares, it leaves other popular parks such as Tiergarten (210 hectares) and Mauerpark (7.1 hectares) far behind in terms of area. Because the huge site is divided into large areas of lawn and old runways, it is ideal for both picnicking and sports use. And what is very important to Berliners; there are also special barbecue areas reserved for 'Bratwurst parties'.


Tasmania Berlin e.V. was founded in 1973 and has round 750 members.


This international seniors football tournament is held at the 'Werner-Seelenbinder' sports park in the south-east of central Berlin. The sports park of organiser SV Tasmania Berlin e.V. has 4 pitches, a clubhouse and a separate dressing room building. During the tournament, a ‘tournament centre’ will be set up with a barbecue, bar and music. Just 500 metres from the sports park is the former Tempelhof airport, which since 2008 has no longer served as a centre for aviation and nowadays is mainly a pleasant park focused on sports and play.