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Danube Challenge Cup

22 - 23 maj 2021
, Gerasdorf / Wien
Purely international!
International youth football tournament in Vienna, Austria: Danube Challenge Cup
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Austria Czech Republic France Germany Poland Hungary Switzerland

Fancy a competition against teams from 7 or more countries? Well over Pentecost you can do just that during the Danube Challenge Cup in Gerasdorf, just 10km away from the famous city of Vienna. Gerasdorf is located in the 'Weinviertel' ('wine quarter'), a well-known wine area in Austria. The Danube Challenge Cup is a great mix of the relaxed atmosphere of the countryside and the attractions of Vienna. It's no surprise then that the tournament has been fully booked every year since it first kicked off in 2012. Of course, the international competition is priority number one, but if you have the time, hop on the metro to Vienna. Within 20 minutes you could be sticking a fork into a piece of world-famous Black Forest gateau. Delicious!

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U10, U11, U12, U13, U15, U17
SV Gerasdorf-Stammersdorf & SC Columbia Floridsdorf
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The Danube Challenge Cup is organised by SV Gerasdorf-Stammersdorf and SC Columbia Floridsdorf. SV Gerarsdorf-Stammersdorf was founded in 1998 and has a blossoming youth division. The club's sports park guarantees an incredible tournament atmosphere. The community of Gerasdorf is closely involved with the organisation of the tournament.  SC Columbia Floridsdorf was founded in 1908 and is known as the most traditional club in Vienna.

The Danube Challenge Cup is played in Gerasdorf and in nearby Floridsdorf. The sports park in Gerasdorf has four pitches, a big canteen with a terrace, as well as a beach volleyball court and a natural swimming pool with a beach and terrace. The SC Columbia Floridsdorf sports park, which is located in a park-like setting on the Danube, features four fields and a well-kept clubhouse with a terrace.


The friendly town of Gerasdorf (approximately 10,500 inhabitants) is 10 kilometres from the centre of Vienna. Here, the urban sprawl gives way to rural Weinviertel, the biggest wine-growing region in Austria. Shoppers should check out the G3 Shopping Resort, Gerasdorf. It's the fifth largest shopping centre in Austria. If you don't find what you're looking for here, then we can't help you! From Gerasdorf, you can get to Vienna within half an hour by public transport.


With 1.7 million inhabitants, the Austrian capital of Vienna is by far the largest city in the country. The Danube river flows through the city. The historical centre is world famous for its glorious palaces, monumental squares and Baroque buildings. In Vienna you'll be wandering through the decor of Empress Elisabeth of Austria, one of the reasons why so many tourists visit the city every year. However, the city also has all the traits of a modern city, with a real melting pot of cultures, which you can witness in day-to-day life there. You'll barely be able to take everything in! The Prater amusement park is a very popular attraction. You'll have a fantastic view of the city from the 67 metre high ferris wheel. 

Wiener Prater

We haven’t mentioned the very best in Vienna yet: the Wiener Prater! This amusement park features more than 250 attractions! There’s something for everyone: from classic carousels to modern haunted houses and everything in between. The most famous attraction is the Ferris wheel. It dates back to 1897 and is one of the most beautiful features of Vienna. You’ll be amazed by the stunning views from up there. A great way to recover from your football matches!