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Ruhr Pokal

03 - 04 Duben 2021
, Dortmund
Then you know how the game is played.
International handball tournament, Dortmund, Germany: Ruhr Pokal
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Those who opt for the Ruhr Pokal, opt for an intensive competition framed by a festive program. At the main location, people not only play handball, but also eat, party and sleep. In that order! The Ruhr Pokal is set in Oespel-Kley and Dorstfeld, two friendly neighborhoods just west of the center of Dortmund. The organizers DJK Oespel-Kley and ATV Dorstfeld have a wealth of experience: together the clubs exist for more than 200 years! Then you know how the game is played.

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mladší žákyně (G13), starší žákyně (G15), mladší dorostenky (G17), starší dorostenci (G19), Muži (M-O), mladší žáci (U13), starší žáci (U15), mladší dorostenci (U17), starší dorostenci (U19), Ženy (W-O)
DJK Oespel-Kley & ATV Dorstfeld
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DJK Oespel-Kley was founded in 1923 and has more than 70 teams in competition. In addition to handball, the club also organizes numerous other sports such as badminton, gymnastics, karate and teakwando. ATV Dorstfeld is one of the oldest clubs in Germany and was founded in 1878. The handball department of this omni sports club has 35 teams in competition.

The Ruhr pokal is played in 10 halls in a radius of 9 km. Every sports hall has various facilities like a grandstand, canteen, changing rooms and sanitary facilities. The main location is the multifunctional sports hall of DJK Oespel-Kley where the players party also takes place. 


Insiders know that the Ruhr area does not only mean industry. The banks of the River Ruhr are often lush green. The neighborhoods of Oespel-Kley and Dorstfeld are located in such an area 4-5 kilometers from the lively center of Dortmund. As a visitor you will see that the city is more than beer and football because Dortmund also has a nice, car-free center full of shops, restaurants and café-bars with a terrace.