Moldava Cup

31 Květen - 01 Červen 2019
, Prague

A well-organised tournament and Prague provides the rest

International senior football tournament Prague Czech Republic, Moldava Cup.

Teams wanting to enjoy international football in one of the most beautiful cities of Europe will be in the right place during the Moldova Cup! The “golden city” of Prague forms the fascinating backdrop for this tournament, earning it a permanent placing in the Euro-Sportring program. With more than 40 teams from 8 countries, this tournament belongs to the top of the seniors program. The hosts provide for a very well-organized tournament and the famous city of Prague does the rest. Famous monuments and theatres, lively shopping streets and markets, restaurants, discos, nightclubs and traditional beer houses, make Prague a perfect destination for any tourist. Combine those attractions with a few solid games on the pitch and you have an ideal formula. Again, 24 hours in a day is really not enough.

Česká republika
31 Květen - 01 Červen 2019

Moldava Cup

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muži (M-O), muži/7, veteráni/7
I.S.C. Sports
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You will not be bored for a second in the ‘golden’ city on the Vltava. The cosy centre with all those beautiful buildings is on the UNESCO world heritage list. Of course visitors also come for the lively shopping streets, the many terraces and the nightlife. The Moldava Cup takes place in a cosy, compact sports park just outside the centre.


The Moldava Cup is organised by I.S.C. Sports. Občanské Sdružení Pro Podporu Sportu is the official name of I.S.C Sports. The club was founded in 1988. In addition to the Golden City Cup, I.S.C. Sports organises many sports events. One of the main events is the Golden Tour: the largest hall football competition for companies in the Czech Republic. Over fifty companies compete annually in this. I.S.C. Sports works alongside the Czech Football Association on many projects.

Sportovní zařízení

Sports facilities

The Moldava Cup will be played at the Na Šancích sports park in the eastern part of Prague. The sports park has 2 pitches, plenty of changing rooms and a small restaurant or buffet with a terrace. From the sports park it takes 30 minutes to reach the centre of Prague by public transport.