Mergelland Trofee

01 - 02 Červen 2019
, Simpelveld

You feel immediately at home here

International senior football tournament Maastricht, Netherlands: Mergelland Trofee

"The best-organised senior football tournament we’ve ever been at". This was the enthusiastic comment of one of the participants of the Mergelland Trophy. Hospitality comes first for organiser SV Simpelveld. The view also helps: from the terrace near the clubhouse you have a panoramic view of the sports park and of the beloved hilly landscape of Limburg. A landscape with villages bearing the names of tasty beers. You feel immediately at home here. No huge amount of entertainment, but enjoying a weekend of playing football together at one of the nicest spots in the Netherlands – this is the Mergelland Trophy.    


What does the Simpelveld programme have to offer? 6 games of 20 minutes on the first day and the nrs. 1 & 2 of each group play the finals on the 2nd day.. The secret recipe of SV Simpelveld apparently works well, as the appreciation for the sports programme is always high. When you do leave the terrace to take a look outside the sports park, you can visit the atmospheric centre of Aachen eight kilometres further on. 

01 - 02 Červen 2019

Mergelland Trofee

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muži (M-O), muži/7
SV Simpelveld
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Simpelveld lies a little to the east of Maastricht in the very south of the Netherlands, close to the German border. Simpelveld is tourist village with a delightful centre. The town is known as the 'gateway to hilly Limburg'. 


Heerlen is the region's lively central town. It's where you go for a diverse range of shops and a huge variety of lovely bars and restaurants, but also for its wonderful green surroundings. Heerlen is situated 9 kilometres north of Simpelveld.

Aachen (Germany)

The German city of Aachen is 12 kilometres to the south-east of Simpelveld. The city is mainly known for its thermal baths, built by the Romans, but also because Charles the Great made Aachen the capital of his kingdom. Aachen is an attractive shopping city and many tourist attractions, bars, restaurants and nightclubs.


This international seniors football tournament is organised by SV Simpelveld. The club was founded in 1919 and has 4 senior teams, 1 ladies team and 14 youth teams. Together with the municipality of Simpelveld and numerous volunteers, the club treats the visiting teams to some typical Limburg hospitality.

Sportovní zařízení

Sports facilities

The international senior football tournament takes place at the Simpelveld sports park. The club has a modern clubhouse with a canteen, changing rooms and a terrace that overlooks the 3 fields. During the tournament, there are additional stalls and a cosy barbecue to make sure that the participants have everything they need.