Hasselt Cup

11 - 12 Duben 2020
, Hasselt

Trump cards

International youth football tournament in Belgium: Hasselt Cup

The organisers of the Hasselt Cup have two fantastic trump cards up their sleeve: the lovely centre of Hasselt, the provincial capital of Belgian Limburg, and two huge, glorious sports parks. This combination works brilliantly: since it began in 2000, the Hasselt Cup has always been packed to the rafters. Organisers RC Hades and Zonhoven United provides tons of football in laid-back surroundings, just a few kilometres from the centre of Hasselt. Insiders know that the central area around the 'Grote Markt' (the Grand Square) has a lot of offer. Hasselt Cup: welcoming and sociable.

11 - 12 Duben 2020

Hasselt Cup

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starší přípravka (U10), starší přípravka (U11), mladší žáci (U12), mladší žáci (U13), starší žáci (U14), starší žáci (U15), mladší dorostenci (U17), starší dorostenci (U19)
RC Hades, Zonhoven United
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Hasselt (70,000 residents) is the capital of the Belgian province of Limburg. The city has a pleasant urban centre which is hundreds of years old. There is a wide range of hotels and restaurants on Grote Markt square, where visitors and residents can sit on the terrace for a drink and a bite to eat. There are several popular shopping streets in and around the market square. One special aspect of the city is that the centre is pedestrianised. The sports park is located in green surroundings four kilometres from the city centre. In a nutshell: shopping, cafes-bars with terraces, hitting the largest club in Belgium, visiting museums, discovering restaurants, cycling through the leafy outskirts and plenty more. Hasselt has something for everyone. 

Hasselt Public Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is located just outside the town centre. It features two large pools, a huge water slide and several whirlpools. 


Get practising your 'ooohs' and 'aaahs' - with more than 40 attractions, there's something for everyone to enjoy in "the nicest land of all". The long central lake is surrounded by thrilling roller coasters, wild water slides, carousels and a ferris wheel. The monorail that encircles the lake makes it easy to go from one side of the park to the other.


The Hasselt Cup is organised by Racing Club Hades and Zonhoven United. RC Hades is a club of some 500 members, a large number of whom are young members. For the organisation of the Hasselt Cup, the club collaborates closely with the municipality of Hasselt. Founded in 2018, Zonhoven United is a merger club of Zonhoven VV and Melo Sport and comprises 30 youth  teams. Zonhoven United has plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to make sure the tournament runs smoothly.


Sportovní zařízení

The tournament will be played at two venues in Kiewit-Hasselt and two locations in Zonhoven. The locations in Kiewit-Hasselt  and Zonhoven are within walking distance from one another. The main venue is the RC Hades grounds, with 6 pitches, a clubhouse and large, heated tent, a cosy terrace, diverse activities and music. The other venue has 2 pitches, a small canteen and a pleasant outdoor terrace. It takes 20 minutes to reach the centre of Hasselt from the tournament location. The location in Zonhoven has 9 pitches. In addition, the club boasts a canteen with a meeting room as well as a well-equipped kitchen, several changing rooms and a covered stand. The club is located 9 km from the centre of Hasselt.

RC Hades-Kiewit

Zonhoven United