Copa Costa Brava

14 - 17 Duben 2019
, Blanes - Tordera

Why the Costa Brava is a magnet

International youth football tournament Blanes Spain: Copa Costa Brava I

The Costa Brava is a source of inspiration for young footballers. Not just because Messi and Neymar play in Barcelona. In recent years, Euro-Sportring has been organising brilliant international tournaments on Spain’s north coast, at an enviable sports complex. There are no less than 14 green grass pitches located close together, so you can always watch and cheer on the other participating teams from your club. The organisers pull out all the stops to make sure players and their fans have a great time. The tournament begins with a spectacular opening ceremony in the hypermodern Blanes sports hall, which can accommodate 2,500 spectators. Games are played according to a sophisticated match schedule that guarantees an exciting competition for every team. And to ensure professionalism, all matches are adjudicated by official referees. All guests are also addressed in their own language. So you’ll feel right at home. Of course, the Costa Brava has always provided lots of great hotel accommodation. For younger teams, villages like Santa Susanna and Malgrat de Mar are a lot of fun, whilst teenagers prefer to stay at Lloret de Mar. And if you’d like to see Barcelona’s Camp Nou stadium for real, you can! This has been factored into the tournament programme. You’re just an hour from the centre of this world city, where international stars shine and there is culture at every turn. The Costa Brava is a magnet. As a football fan, you simply have to go.

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14 - 17 Duben 2019

Copa Costa Brava

Blanes - Tordera
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ženy (W-O), starší žákyně (G15), mladší dorostenky (G17), starší přípravka (U11), mladší žáci (U13), starší žáci (U15), mladší dorostenci (U17), starší dorostenci (U19)
CF Tordera
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International youth football tournaments Spain

Příjezd: registrace s uvítacím proslovem a poučení od našich zaměstnanců na místě v působivé sportovní aréně Blanes. O vašem pobytu a turnaji budete osobně informováni.
Setkání vedoucích jednotlivých týmů: uvítací recepce, kterou pořadatelé organizují pro vedoucí týmů.
Zahájení zápasového programu. Turnaj se bude konat v rozsáhlém sportovním parku s 15 travnatými hřišti v blízkosti Blanes. Zápasy budou řídit rozhodčí z katalánské fotbalové asociace.
Uvítací ceremoniál ve sportovní aréně v Blanes, s přehlídkou, národními hymnami, vlajkovým průvodem a katalánským ohňostrojem. (odkaz)

​Welcome ceremony Video


Zápasy v základních skupinách podle programu turnaje.
Ráno nebo odpoledne
Volno. Některé skvělé tipy najdete v turistických informacích.
Zápasy v základních skupinách a mezikola podle programu turnaje.
Ráno nebo odpoledne
Volno. Některé skvělé tipy najdete v turistických informacích.
Pokračování zápasového programu. Kvalifikační zápasy a finále s následným ceremoniálem s udílením cen ve sportovním parku.
Ceremoniál UEFA Respect: každý účastník obdrží medaili na pódiu.
Odjezd po obědě formou švédských stolů.

Costa Brava/Costa Maresme

The Costa Brava and Costa Maresme are among the most popular coastal areas of Spain. This area, north of Barcelona, is actually one of the most popular coastlines in Europe. In particular, between the towns of Calella and Lloret de Mar you'll find miles of beautiful sandy beaches and boulevards dotted with cafés, clubs and restaurants. Every spot along the coast, from Lloret de Mar to Santa Susanna of Malgrat de Mar, has its own unique charm and attractions.


Barcelona is somewhere you simply have to see. This unique city has a number of extraordinary attractions. The Sagrada Familia is one of the most bizarre and characteristic buildings in the city. This cathedral has been under construction since 1882. The Plaza de Catalunya and las Ramblas are also special meeting points, with lots of shops, restaurants and terraces. Other beautiful areas include the Gothic quarter, with its narrow, picturesque alleyways; Montjuic hill, the location of the Olympic Park and with a stunning view over the city and sea. And last but not least,don't miss out on a trip to Park Guell.

FC Barcelona, Camp Nou Stadium

A visit to Camp Nou  stadium is definitely worth the effort. With 110,000 seats it's the largest stadium in Europe. And of course, as a football fan, there's no getting away from FC Barcelona. For the people of Catalonia, ‘Barça’ is more than just a football club. Barcelona unites all Catalonians!



The Trofeo Mediterraneo is organised by club Futbol de Tordera. This club was founded in 1914 and with approx. 500 members, it is a large club in Catalonia. It has 12 youth teams and 2 senior teams. The first team of the club is playing in the first regional division of Catalonia.

Sportovní zařízení

Futbol Top Ten sports park 

The "Futbol Top Ten" sports park near Blanes is the heart of the tournament; the meeting point for teams from all over the world. At this park, players can make use of 14 beautiful grass pitches. The pitches are laid out in terraces around the tournament reception and information office. Players can take a break between matches on the cosy, shady terrace by the canteen. It's also good to know that the Red Cross and ambulances are available at all times in case of emergency.